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Three-point lock

cerradura tres puntos

three-point locks These are a locking system with multiple anchors, highly recommended for those who want to keep their family, property and belongings safe. A much safer type of closure than the Poly tubular lock.

How are the three locking points?

three-point locks They are another type of security lock that is characterized by the presence of several anchors in strategic places.

A three-point lock is a lock with multiple anchors, whose two and three anchors are located at a considerable distance from the main screw due to a system of fallebas.

three-point lockThree-point lock

These latches are operated by levers when the key is rotated in the main lock.

Having a three-point lock is closest to having three locks on the same door, which are also operated with a single key, which means the door will be more secure.

Three-point locks are the most difficult to choose with the techniques most used by perpetrators and criminals. Not only do they have more anchors than conventional locks, but they also have a larger number of sturdy steel metal screws in most cases.

three-point security lockThree-point security lock

Some even incorporate a vertical piston that is attached to the door frame at the top and floor. In the same way, it is activated by turning the key with the locking system. Thus, opening a door with a three-point locking system using any conventional door-breaking technique becomes an impossible task.

What is the difference between multi-point locks and three-point locks?

While both types of locks are based on the same principle of several anchors. The main difference with three-point locks is that they have additional anchors in addition to the anchor point of the lock.

How to change a cylinder in a lock with three anchor points

Replace the cylinder of a lock with three anchor points It is a simple task that, with the right tools and a certain skill, can be accomplished in less than ten minutes. Of course, if you do not have experience with doors and locks, it is best to contact a locksmith who will take care of the work.

three leroy merlin locking points

Tools required to change the cylinder in a triple anchor lock

If you dare to change your locks yourself, you will need:

  • Replacement cylinder compatible with the three-point lock that I installed, it is recommended to fit in the hole that the door already has.
  • Drill several bits, including spade bits, if the hole needs to be enlarged to fit the new cylinder.
  • Screwdrivers.
  • The cylinder key we want to change.
change the lock to three pointsChange the lock to three points

Changing the cylinder in a three-point lock, step by step

Then, step by step, in which we explain how you will change the cylinder in three points.

  1. The first thing we need to do is open the door and insert the key. Sometimes the reason the cylinder is changed is that it is not operated by the key. So we will have to turn the opening and closing of the key to see if the lock and the whole mechanism of the lock and screw are activated.
  2. Now we need to locate the main cylinder screw, these screws are always on the edge of the door. It is a large head screw, almost always crossed or grooved. With a suitable screwdriver, unscrew this main screw, but only slightly. Here, the idea is not to remove the screw completely, but to loosen it.
  3. What follows is remove the doorknob or door handle.
  4. The next step is also related to screws and screwdrivers. But this time we will have to unscrew the screws of the device cylinder shield. The shield is a metal plate that sits on both sides of the door and protects part of the locking mechanism while serving as ornaments. The shields are attached to the door with four small screws. You shouldn’t have much trouble unscrewing them. Remove the shields from the door.
  5. With the free cylinder all we have to do is remove it. The security locks have a very special shape for removing the cylinders. To remove it you must:
    1. Press the main screw: the one found on the edge of the door.
    1. Switch the key on and off while pulling the cylinder out. And while tightening the screw.
    1. The old cylinder should come out smooth.
  6. If you followed carefully step by step to change cylinder with three-point security lock anchor, now all you have to do is present the new cylinder and see if it fits. If it fits well, insert it into the hole, put the key in and turn it to see if the screws and locking mechanisms work. If everything is correct, tighten the screws, place the decorative shields and the button.
three-point locksThree-point locks

What to do if the new cylinder does not fit in the cylinder hole in the door?

In this case, all you have to do is find your drill bit and, with a spade bit, extend the hole until the cylinder fits perfectly in the door.

How to install a three-point lock

Installing a three-point lock may seem complicated, but it is a three-step process. Then we explain in detail:

Present, measure and get bored

Take all the components of the lock, present them on the door and mark the places where the screw holes will go.

Three-point locks are like three locks in one, but they also have latches and bars that must also be screwed on.

tesa lock 3 price points

With the measurements made, you need to drill holes with the drill in those places where it is needed.

Checking the cylinder clearance and locking

Special attention must be paid to the lock and the cylinder.

It has to fit perfectly.

If the space that the door brings for the cylinder is insufficient, you will have to enlarge the hole with a drill and a large bit.

Installing parts

The first parts you should put in place are:

  • The lock.
  • Cylinder.
  • Additional anchors.
three-point rim lock

Fallebas installation

When the lock and anchors are in place, it is your turn to install the screws.

Works with bars that are screwed to the door.

Installation is quite simple, all you have to do is fix the bars to the anchor points and then screw them on.

Testing the three-point locking mechanism

Some three-point locks come with a tapas and gaskets They serve to hide the rods and bars that activate the additional anchor points.

tesa lock in three points

Before installing these covers, we must turn the key several times in both directions and check that everything is working properly.

If everything is in order, we can put the remaining pieces.

Complete the installation of the triple anchor lock

The last step we need to do is install shields, buttons or handles and finishing caps.

The whole process of installing the three-point lock can seem complicated, although the truth is that it only requires patience and the right tools.