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This student audio recorder allows you to attach photos and text notes

Esta grabadora de audio para estudiantes permite adjuntar fotos y notas de texto

In Google Play you can find many applications for record sound with Android with a simple search, but I want to save you that job of searching for a good app: I want to suggest you a great tool for that job, especially if you are a student, called Cogi App.

CogiApp or simply Cogi, christened with the slogan «Better take notes and notes«It will be ideal for you record work meetings and also your classes at school, college or university, not only allows you to record sound, but also attach photos taken with the camera and text notes to that audio.

It is very easy to use. Open the app and get started record a session. While recording the sound, you can choose to take a photo with the camera to attach as a backup to that audio, and also add additional text notes. So you can attach the photo to the board or add a complementary text note about the course.

record the sound better than the notes and the surprised voice

Note that the app allows you to pause recording on that center black circle. To END the session, all you have to do is hold down that orange circle.

Play the recordings

I took an audio recording with photosI took audio with text notes

Cogi offers the ability to attach photos and text notes to the audio recording, and for this reason it is recommended that you use the same application to play back the recordings and see all this information.

If you only want to get the sound you recorded with Cogi for playback on another device, you can find the audio recordings in your Android’s internal memory, which are in MP3 format. The complete directory to access them would be:


The application is completely in Spanish, so you will have no problem knowing how to use it. Works on Android 2.3.3 or higher.

conclusionCogi, as its name suggests in the Play Store, is much better than showing and noting on Android. It is ideal for students who want to record what the teacher says and add whiteboard photos as a backup, as well as record what is said in a meeting or work meeting, with complementary text notes to that audio.

Download Cogi Audio Recorder: Google Play

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