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This new smart service brings Google Docs, Trello and Notion together in your inbox

This new smart service brings Google Docs, Trello and Notion together in your inbox

It’s quite rare to come across a new job and think, «Wow! That’s exactly what I was missing. And I didn’t even know I was missing it.»

Well, my earthly colleagues obsessed with efficiency, I am pleased to report that that magnificent moment has just happened, and the service in question is something called Hitsnag.

Hitsnag? Hitsnag. (I guess it should be read as «hit-SNAG» and not as «hits-NAG», but I leave that to your own interpretation). The service may sound like a strange swelling. I would go to the dermatologist to remove it, but don’t let the name fool you: Hitsnag is an incredibly clever way to connect some of your favorite productivity tools to your inbox and make them more useful than ever. If you are familiar with the connection automation platform for Zapier applications, it is like that, it only exists entirely in e-mail, without additional applications to open or complicated processes to configure.

At the moment, Hitsnag works with Google Docs, Notion and Trello and there are still more integrations. However, the service makes it almost impossible to interact with your information in any of the supported applications without leaving your inbox.

Say, for example, that you have an email that you’d like to drop into a Google Docs for future reference. Maybe it’s a sketch of something a colleague sent you, maybe it’s a note you wrote in the wee hours of the night while consuming large quantities of canned cheese, or maybe it’s, ahem, a newsletter . unusually handsome guy. However, with Hitsnag set up, all you have to do is send an email to from any address you’ve associated with your account. Put the desired document name in the subject line and leave the desired text in the body.

Inbox Google Docs (1) JR

Click «Submit» on that mannequin and a second later, bam: you’ll have a Google Docs document with the exact information you submitted and all your formatting and style in place.

Inbox Google Docs (2) JR

You can do the same with any type of information you enter in an email, whether it’s a message you’re forwarding or something new you’re typing right away. And if you ever want to edit an existing Google Docs document, for God’s sake, you can too: simply put the name of the document in the subject line of an email, then put the text you want to add to your body. When you send the message, the text will be added to the end of the matching document, and even if you don’t get the correct document name, Hitsnag will usually find it and find the closest matching document in the Google Docs storage. . .

Pretty ingenious, isn’t it? I thought. And it gets cooler there. The same basic concept I just presented with Docs applies to Trello and Notion, but in these scenarios, you can get even more nuances and include information like the name of the painting or the page you want to access with any information you have. send. by email. .

And here’s the really interesting part: in addition to sending things to any of these services, you can also use Hitsnag to send something to several compatible services at once, if, for example, you have a thought or an email. to add both a Google Docs document and a Trello card, or maybe a note you want to add to both Trello and Notion. All you do is include the appropriate service addresses in the recipient’s message field, and Hitsnag takes care of the rest.

Everything works the same, whether you’re sending an email from your phone, your computer, your internet-connected turkey, or any other weird gadget you have, and whether you’re using Gmail, Hotmail, LukewarmMail or any other email. service imaginable.

Best of all, what we see now is just the beginning. In addition to Google Docs, Notion and Trello, Hitsnag plans to add support for Slack, Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Asana and possibly even Google Calendar in the coming months. This service is ready to turn your inbox into a multifunctional hub for interacting with all your productivity apps, and it’s pretty interesting if you ask me.

Now, ready for the icing on this delicious powder cake? This careful, polished and professionally packaged creation is not really the work of a well-funded startup, as you might expect after exploring it. It’s the idea of ​​two ambitious high school students in Atlanta. They were «the same kind of nerd» and lived only a few houses away for eight years without realizing it, as one of the creators, Yash Kadadi, told me in a recent e-mail conversation. Once they met, clicked, and began to unite their heads, Hitsnag is what came out. (By the way, Kadadi plans to attend Stanford to study computer science in the fall, while his cohort, Aidan Pratt, is heading to Georgia Tech for the same purpose.)

For now, at least, Hitsnag is free to use it as part of an «early booking agreement» offered on its homepage. Finally, Kadadi and Pratt hope to move to a more freemium model, where certain integrations and higher usage limits are available for a small monthly fee.

As for the most important area of ​​privacy, you should invariably connect Hitsnag to any application you use with it (Google Docs, Trello, Notion, and whatever else comes along) and give the service permission to view and edit your information. in those settings. Obviously, the service could not do what it does without that level of access.

That being said, the company’s privacy policy indicates that no personal data is collected from any of the associated services; Basically, only your email address and general purpose data are stored and used for seemingly standard, non-purging regurgitation purposes. Kadadi further confirmed to me that it never shares and sells user data, does not engage in any kind of targeted advertising and does not access any information beyond what is absolutely necessary for the service.

At the end of the day, the age of Hitsnag’s creators matters much less about the nature of what they created. It’s rare to find a service that looks surprisingly smart, sensitive, and efficient at solving a real-world problem that you didn’t even know you had to solve. However, Hitsnag fits this description perfectly. It is one of the most useful and full of potential tools I have come across for a long time and will become even more indispensable from now on.