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This house made with 3D printing was activated in 24 hours.

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Would you live in a hastily built house? What if you woke up with 3D printing? A startup called Icon announced on Monday (12) a functional house of almost 75 square meters (considering the outdoor area, apparently) which was completed in less than 24 hours due to such a technique.

This house made with 3D printing was activated in 24 hours.  1

It’s not the first time a property has been built in a single day with a 3D printer. A year ago, the startup Apis Cor did something similar in Russia. But this is not a race to break records: a short period of time is essential to reduce the cost of building houses for families living in inadequate housing.

Made in partnership with the NGO New Story, the Icon project aims to create safe and functional houses with bathrooms and electrical installations, for example, in places that do not have housing policies. In order to serve as many families as possible, it is important to reduce costs.

Icon’s demo house is located in Texas and costs around $ 10,000, but the startup hopes that, with proper planning, it will drop to $ 4,000 per unit. The property has a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room, but the layout can be adapted to include more rooms and, finally, a larger space. »frameborder =» 0 ″ allowfullscreen = »allowfullscreen» nume = »fitvid0 ″>

The walls were lifted by a 3D printer called Vulcan that continuously expels a thermal mass, but with almost zero waste. Only the finishing of the building is done with human labor.

The project has yet to be evaluated to verify the quality of the material. If all goes well, next year 100 homes will be built for poor families with a 3D printer in El Salvador. The plan is to expand the project to other locations, including the United States.

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