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The way our team is gaining more appreciation for the family right now

The way our team is gaining more appreciation for the family right now

We all feel the impact COVID-19 in our personal lives. For some, this means spending more time with your family than ever before, while for others, it means not being able to see your family at all. Maybe even create a new family among your roommates and quarantine partners.

It is possible that our idea of ​​the family has changed a lot: there are new roles and routines to which we can adapt to new ups and downs. Regardless, it can be helpful to remind the people in our lives that they are there for us, either in person or on the phone.

No one knows for sure when we will be on the other side of this experience, but we probably already know the people who will help us get there.

These are the ways our Verywell team has learned to appreciate family; Even if it means staying apart, there are always opportunities to get closer.

We keep in touch (virtual)

«FaceTime is our preferred communication medium now. It hasn’t changed our relationship, but it’s very reassuring to see everyone’s faces and see that they’re still smiling. «

«Rob Stephen, vice president of marketing.»

«I talk to my parents on the phone every day, which has always been the norm for me. They took the situation seriously, which leaves me (a little) less worrying. My mom listened to podcasts and audio books as she walked around the neighborhood, so I’m happy she’s still active. «

—Nicole Kwan, associate editorial director

We make memories

«I am more grateful than ever to have a family that takes care of each other and chooses to maintain a positive attitude. We are a close team and we have not missed a beat when it comes to celebrating the happiest moments of life, including a virtual Easter shake hunt, a toast to my cousin’s engagement moments after it happened and a farewell to singles complete with games and a song for my little sister.

«One of my favorite moments so far has to be ‘Zoom’ with my 100-year-old grandmother. Usually we only talk on the phone while taking a break to go outside, but it was very comforting to see his face (and sometimes just photos on the roof!) Through this type of technology.

«Every time we speak, she always has wise words to share:» We will go through this in the healthiest and happiest way we can in these conditions. If we can be together this summer and celebrate all the things we’ve planned, well, that’s just the icing on the cake.

«Emily Rose, editor-in-chief.»

We are witnessing the landmarks

«It simply came to our notice then. I live almost 1,000 miles from my father and sister, but because of the distance, I answered the phone and checked in more often.

«Maybe because we have more time on our hands, but I like to think we have more time to take care of each other. And who can refuse to video chat with your sister so you can see your 6-month-old niece tasting pea puree for the first time? «

«Shelby Daley, quality control editor.»

Photo by Kristin Marie

«I spend a lot more time with my family, because we are all at home together. It was great to spend more time with everyone and try to slow down as I grew up. I was Lover of My 10-month-old baby is taking the steps he is taking around the house and I am happy to be here to see him in person ”.

«Brian Piccione, technical director.»

We find comfort in connection

«The group chat I have with my family definitely does more action than in the past! I also made a few FaceTime calls with my parents, which was nice. In general, I feel closer to my family than I normally do, and that was a positive thing. «

«Mark Lewis, product manager.»

«Most of my family is used to being in frequent contact because we live in different states, however, during this time, hearing voices and seeing their faces is very important and comforts me to know that everyone is fine. .

«In addition to our regular group calls and texts, we make time for video calls and even play virtually with the little ones.»

—Hannah Hashmi, Chief Marketing Officer

We dedicate more quality time

«Time together, this is our positive side in all this. We are a family of four (my children are 11 and 9 years old) and, in general, we constantly share and conquer life with all their sports, activities, school and social commitments. Now we have fun with each other and share and conquer household chores! «

—Beth Selig, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships

We make plans for the future

«My sister had to cancel my nephew’s fourth party. Living in a different state, I don’t have much chance of seeing them, so these cancellations hit me hard enough.

«I feel like the first thing I want to do when it’s over is to spend a weekend at home, whether or not it’s part of an event.»

—Nick Ingalls, principal editor

We have family dinners

«I participated in Zoom calls with my whole family (10 people). In fact, we see ourselves more as a group now than before COVID-19. We have dinner together and catch up. «

—Natalie Maneval, editor

We put things in perspective

«I appreciate every moment I can spend with my son and I don’t feel as frustrated or impatient when he says ‘No’ (a little child’s favorite word!) Or gets angry when he doesn’t want to bathe.

«I laugh a little because I realize that, in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter. I am very grateful that we can spend more time together. «

«Rachel Berman, general manager.»

«My brother and I stay with our parents in Massachusetts, and so far so good. It was an interesting experience to live together as a family.

«The most important lesson I learn from experience is patience. It’s easy to feel nervous when life is so tense right now. But I think the most important thing to remember is that everyone processes their emotions differently.

«Keeping things in perspective can mean breathing before reacting to something, expressing your limits, and constantly practicing compassion.»

«Kate Nelson, assistant editor.»