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The secret to mixing emails in Gmail

The secret to mixing emails in Gmail

I do my best not to spend too much time organizing my emails daily. Of course, I rely on a system of filters Yes label from Gmail to organize messages for me, doing everything from control what kinds of missives warn me even automatically archive certain types of emails in certain tabs that I reused it .

But when it comes to a real organization in progress, the kind of work that, you know, requires time and energy every day before, I strongly believe in the notion that less is more. Nor is it entirely a matter of laziness (though, um, maybe a little). This is mainly due to the fact that putting energy into the organization of e-mail is almost always an effort in vain .

However, there is one exception: the occasional rearrangement of messages in front of you. I mean, think about it: how useful would it be to have the power to drag and drop emails into your Gmail inbox and place them in any order you want? For me, it’s less of a tedious exercise and more of a way to give me a logical, easy-to-follow way to approach messages, such as in the morning, for example, when I try to reply to emails first. with the highest priority and then often end up leaving less urgent shipments for something later in the day.

Well, I’m here to tell you it exists It is a way to do just that. It only takes a little creative thinking and you will never know it’s possible if you don’t hit. However, once you do, you will hit the watermelon no matter how painfully simple it is and how much you have spent without realizing it.

So get ready for enlightenment: the secret to reordering messages in Gmail is – drumroll, please – postpone. Yes, sleeping.

Actually, you know what? I will take the risk and say that postponement could be the most powerful tool that Gmail has to keep your inbox organized and in a sensitive order. I use it religiously, first of all, to send messages that I won’t have to deal with on the same day (so that they are out of my reach and then reappear at a date and time when I will be ready to challenge) and secondly, to move the emails with the highest priority to the top of the mailbox, so that the most important things always catch my attention. This is a particularly useful hit one or two in the morning or on the weekend, when my inbox tends to look like the untamed jungle of my current pandemic beard and it becomes almost impossible to figure out what to focus on first.

This trick works on both the Gmail desktop and the Gmail Android app. And it practically works any style and mood Gmail mailbox you have. There’s no capture or anything – when you want to move an email to the top of the ippity email box, click the box next to it and then click the snooze icon (circular clock) at the top of the on a computer – or tap the icon on the left, then tap the three-point menu icon and select «Postpone» in the Android app.

(You can make the action move even easier if you want, setting up a custom drag gesture and doing so SLIP left or right in an email activate the repeat command in an instant. Now we cook!)

There is one more step: when you are asked to choose when the message should return, select the «Choose date and time» option. Choose the current date, if it is not already selected by default, and set the time to one minute before the current time. Send the message and in a few seconds it will reappear at the top of your inbox, where you wanted it, and with a special orange name underneath, just to draw attention to your line.


You can repeat this as many times as necessary to move as many messages as you want. You can postpone multiple messages at once, even if you simply continue to click or tap additional messages after making your initial selection. Or you can postpone messages to different future moments in advanced planning wise, which I often do on Sunday evenings, when I proactively place the most urgent messages the next morning at the top of my inbox and put the weekend scraps less urgent under them.

In this case, I will postpone the first batch of messages until 7:45 am M., Mea Gmail default timeout for mornings, which makes it just a touch in the delay menu to select, and then we postpone the secondary set of messages a minute before, at 7:44 am, allowing them to land first on a large piece and then the most urgent messages fall on them a minute later. The end result is that my Sunday inbox is devoid of anything except what needs my attention that night, while the next morning the mailbox is immediately organized into a structured list of things I have to address at that time and in what Order.

It takes a surprisingly small effort and uses one of Gmail’s own tools to meet the long-term desire of many of us for the service.

Sometimes the answer you were looking for was just below its bright peak all the time.