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The new MacBook Pro is brilliant, but it may have killed the company’s Macs

The new MacBook Pro is brilliant, but it may have killed the company's Macs

Apple is already receiving a lot of criticism, because the new MacBook Pro is not «revolutionary», especially compared to Microsoft’s Surface Studio. I disagree. I think the MacBook Pro and its touch bar are a revolutionary upgrade that rewards usability over innovation for the sake of innovation. It will be the Mac that everyone wants for next year.

But that’s not the problem. Price is that five-letter word that has haunted Apple over the years: price. And where this will affect Apple is where it has seen significant growth lately: the company.

In the last three years, Apple has built a $ 25 billion sales deal . Big companies love their iPhones, iPads and Macs, and Apple has been helped by strategic alliances with companies like IBM. IBM even became a Mac user, publicly stating this Each Mac you buy saves the company between $ 273 and $ 543 for a useful life of four years.

However, starting today, the entry-level Mac laptop went from 749 GBP (11-inch MacBook Air) to 949 GBP (13-inch MacBook Air). The cheapest MacBook Pro was 999 pounds and now 1,249 pounds and you can add the cost of the necessary dongles. If you had a budget of 50,000 pounds, yesterday you could equip 67 employees with Macs. Today I am 50. A CIO I spoke to told me that this may have cost Apple £ 100,000 in business.

Apple, of course, will claim that its entry-level business device is not a MacBook Air anyway. The company will say it’s actually the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Even as a big fan of the iPad, the Pro 12.9in is my most used computer at home and at work, for anyone who spends a considerable amount of time in the office, the laptop is now a better option. You can work on an iPad Pro (I do it all the time), but it still lacks some basic features that almost everyone will want, especially full support for external monitors. When iOS allows me to connect my iPad to a monitor and get an extended desktop with native screen resolution, I will be able to use it all the time. But not before.

Of course, Apple has good reason for this effective price increase. It would be naive to believe that the volatility of the pound after the Brexit vote has nothing to do with Apple prices in the UK. But it is also worth noting that many of these price changes also affect the US. The cheapest entry-level Mac laptop has not only been eliminated here.

If I were a business customer considering Macs, I would have pushed it down the list to be considered today. Given the incredible work of the Apple business team and the success they have had due to the excellent projects, the lower total cost of ownership and the assistance from companies like IBM, it is a huge shame. I hope this is not a sign that Apple, again, does not take business customers seriously.