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The mystery of the opportunity lost by Google Pixel

The mystery of the opportunity lost by Google Pixel

I’ve been thinking a lot about Pixel phones lately. And it seems safe to say that the cause of my present contemplation is a little unusual.

The burning question in Android Land is now why Google it seems to be preparing to launch a new Pixel phone that strikingly resembles one of his own Pixel model generation previous , which in turn existed in a strange invention. between the position, without an obvious reason for their presence in strange alignment from last year . (Oof. My head hurts.)

However, this is not the question we will consider today. Until Google actually launches that device, we don’t necessarily know the full picture of what it entails, and all we can do is speculate.

Today, the puzzle I want to ponder is a broader question about the existence of the Pixel line and how Google is, or maybe not , positioning the phone for success.

As part of me Pixel Academy electronic course Just released We took people on a deep journey to explore some of the most useful and, in many cases, unique possibilities that Google Pixel phones present. And as I chatted with some of the smartest and most attractive mammals on earth, who signed up to discover the hidden secrets of their pixel-sized friends, they reminded me of something: Google really does an incredible job bad at advertising Pixel’s strengths.

But you know what kind of benefits Are easy to market? Yes, you guessed it: those that involve specific features designed to address common points of pain and make your life a little easier. (Man, you’re good!) And that’s especially true when these benefits revolve around Google’s intelligence with futuristic sounds – information that no other company can match.

These These are the features that differentiate Pixel in meaningful, practical, and incredibly appealing ways, and yet Google does virtually nothing to promote these types of possibilities. Not only does the public who buy phones unfortunately not know of their existence, but the pixel owners themselves, as my interactions with the Academy reminded me, are impressed when they find out what their devices have been able to do all this time.

We can find many examples that fit this narrative, but two systems connected to the Wizard stand out the most. The first is a feature that automatically filters calls from private, unknown or suspected spam numbers and can answer and filter anything call received on request. The Google Silky Voice Assistant actually picks up the phone and asks the caller why it’s ringing, then sends this information to the screen. You can even ask additional questions for more information, if you wish, before deciding whether to handle the call yourself or let the Assistant receive a message.


I mean, really: Who not would you like to have access to this ?!

The second feature is a relatively linked system, which is based on the Waiting Assistant in order to at any moment you are in an unenviable position to hear how important the call is (and how it will be answered, of course, in the order in which it was received: enter the gurgling sound here). Whenever such a situation arises, a Pixel phone displays a message on the screen offering to take control of you and then alert you as soon as a suspicious person returns to the line.

Pixel Functions: Hold for Me (active)

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? You better believe. And both functions work impressively well.

Now guess what: How often have you seen those promoted or promoted features, either in a real Pixel phone or in some form of external marketing? Unless you’ve lived in a dramatically different world than I’ve been around lately, the answer is probably somewhere between «extremely rare» and «never.»

I mean, damn, even in store page where Google explicitly tries to persuade people to buy Pixel phones, the company doesn’t mention any of these impressive items at all. Instead, its main selling point is that Pixel phones «are preloaded with all the Google apps you like.»

Google Pixel Phones - Store

Um, that’s right. That’s it what makes these phones special? That’s it which will convince those who buy tablet phones to leave behind the bright brands they know and trust for a long time – devices that, carefully, say Google applications also Are available? Really, Google?

Now, imagine if the following iPhone includes exactly the same features: AI-enabled call filter and hold-for-you technology. Imagine how Apple would market these possibilities. It would be innovative, innovative, magical and revolutionary , Damn it! These would be life-changing systems available «only on the iPhone» (because when someone pretentiously avoids the use of items when it comes to their products, know must be important).

Simple and straightforward, I would never hear the ending. And with Google? Google has the products right now. And I’ve never heard a look at that.

And it’s not just these new bits of intelligence connected to the Wizard that fit this pattern. More or less from the beginning, Pixel phones have had a smart system that works hand-in-hand with Google Photos and automatically deletes local backups every time a phone’s storage starts to shrink. It’s kind of simple, but it’s a nice little plus and another perfect example of a high-impact feature that eliminates hassle. After all, we all had the frustration of running out of local storage. And even if you use Photos to back up your images, it’s up to you to periodically connect and clean your local copies at Less what the have a Pixel, in which case Google services can work together in harmony and manage everything. for you without any continuous effort.

This is the first article from day 5 of my online Pixel Academy course. And guess what? It’s one of the things I’ve heard the most reactions to: reactions from people who have Pixels and no idea what was present or possible.

And all this to say nothing about the equally underestimated notion of pixels and privacy, a bonus that seems almost ironic, given the endless questions around Google topic and privacy in nowadays, but an area where Google could seriously differentiate its phones. invasive advertising invasion , the shadow of selling data The settings of partners who embrace Android offer without most people realizing it.

Marketing has never been the city of Google, to put it mildly. But as we prepare for the sixth generation of devices in the Pixel line, a generation that is expected to be a real turning point for products, with the first processor made by Google and all interesting possibilities that could allow , it’s hard not to. I wonder how the company loses so much of its focus, emphasizing the most impressive advantages of the Pixel. And it’s hard not to wonder how different the sales landscape might be if you’ve ever discovered how to present your products in a way that has really resonated on a large scale.

Google has the products. Now you have to figure out how to get people to know them instead of hiding them as Andro’s best kept and most puzzling