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The most important improvement you can make is Gboard on Android

The most important improvement you can make is Gboard on Android

Save time and type faster than ever with this 30-second Google Gboard Android keyboard setting.

Break your phalanges and warm your tendons, my animal-loving companion for Android – we’re about to make a small but significant change to our Android keyboard settings. In fact, you don’t Insurance , even I tell you: with 30 seconds of setup, this quick switch will make you five times faster when you tap text on your sleek phone screen.

«Why, writer, how could it save me so much time?» You may be wondering, along with, perhaps, «Mr. Writer, what the hell happened to your brain that causes you to have official conversations with yourself in the middle of keyboard-centered columns?» Well, Jasper, we’re going to answer at least one of these questions now. (I’m afraid the other can’t get an answer without the help of a whole team of highly trained psychoanalysts.)

From Google Android Gboard keyboard , See, you’re positive overflowing with useful shortcuts and hidden to save time . And they are all absolutely amazing. The little things reduce your writing time and really add up over the course of a day.

Bbb-dar – many of them revolve around the notion of long pressing the buttons on the Gboard keyboard – pressing and holding a certain key for a second or so, in other words, to reveal a useful function cleverly hidden underneath.

Everything is fine, but he just Completed long press of a key on the Gboard is not optimized for efficiency. By default, you have to hold down a key for what it feels like forever (even if it’s really only a fraction of a second) before your alternate function appears.

So, are you ready to feel a great octane writing power running through your capillaries? Here’s the 30-second, five-step secret:

  1. Access your Gboard settings on your phone. The quickest way to get there is to lift the keyboard in any text field, then tap the three-dot icon in its top row and look for the Wheel Settings icon on the panel that appears. (And if you don’t see the three-dot icon right away, tap the right arrow on the top row of the keyboard to reveal it.)
  2. In the Gboard settings, tap the line labeled «Preferences.»
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen below and tap the «Long Delay Key» key.
Android Gboard settings
  1. Do you see the naughty little one? Let that bad boy down, down, down I would recommend trying a setting of about 200ms to get started. (You can always go back and adjust it later if it feels faster or slower than you’d like.)
  2. Be sure to tap «OK» after making that setting. And while you’re there, make sure the switch next to «Long press for symbols» is turned on.

Did you do all this? Well, Lord, look at you! I always knew you were smart and capable, no matter what the internet said about you.

With this change made, cut back to any open text field – in an email, document, search message, cheese sandwich diary, or anything nearby – and keep your finger fantastic.

Long press Gboard for Android

You should see the key change to its secondary function in an instant, without excessively long delays or embarrassing breaks. Much better, right?

And with this new stylish configuration, you can come up with a pile special characters and numbers faster than you can tell » fears of typing on the iPhone «. Do you need a script? Place your finger on the «h» key for a split second. Looking for the @ symbol? Touch «a» and hold your finger once more.

It won’t stop you typing and you won’t expect the keyboard to gather your thoughts. You will hardly deviate from your train of thought. And if you write as much nonsense on your Android-scented companion as I do, all those saved seconds will add up quickly.

Also remember that a long press in the right place can even change the look of Gboard and makes it easy to access the entire on-screen keyboard with one hand. Features like this (along with others menus and orders hidden by long press Gboard ) are now more handy than ever and It will fly around the phone keypad, as if it were nobody’s business, all due to the small change in Gboard, he rarely visited the virtual car room.

Engine noise. Happy speed.