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The little fast antivirus you don’t use

El pequeño y rápido antivirus que no estás usando 1

There is an antivirus that most people do not use and probably should. Is called SmadAV AntiVirus , and is not designed to be the core of protection for your Windows computer, but a secondary one for when all others fail. I was introduced to SmadAV years ago by my old web design teacher. This was due to an infection that took over my laptop, an infection that came from school computers. It wasn’t long before several people in the class fell victim to this infection.

SmadAV antivirus reviews

What is the name of the infection? I don’t know, but I know it affected several folders. These folders had an important job inside them, so imagine your anger when I discovered that the folders were unusable.

The first order of ideas was trying to solve the problem with our free antivirus programs and guess what? None of them managed to do their job. Then our teacher introduced us to SmadAV and, right from the block, this little thing started to work wonders.

Not only is it good for catching and killing weird programs, but it is also good for scanning USB drives. In fact, this could be considered one of the strengths of SmadAV. Can be used for offline scans.

How to use SmadAV:

First of all, you need to visit the official website to download SmadAV. Now the language of the website is Indonesian, but don’t worry; the download link is in the right sidebar so you don’t miss it.

Once downloaded and installed, you should create something that looks like the image above.

The user interface is certainly not the best and, although it has undergone some changes over the years, it still does not amount to the best free antivirus software, but it works and is good enough for me.

On the left, users should see five options. From here, people can get to where they need to scan the entire system, disable or enable real-time protection, among other things.

The Pro tab shows the difference between the Pro version of SmadAV and the free version. Look carefully and you will notice the inability to maximize or resize the window. This can only be done if you purchase the Pro version of the software.

Scan speed:

SmadAV is not a basic antivirus software, so it should not take long to shine your files. For us, it ran over 300,000 files fairly quickly, but may be a little slower on older computers.

We also like that Smadav not only looks for viruses and malware, but also checks for defective or corrupt registry files. Yes, this will clean your registry similar to CCleaner or UPCleaner, pretty impressive right? We should also keep in mind that since this is the free version, users need to manually check for the update. We do not recommend the Pro version unless you are too lazy to manually update the chest virus.

In general, Smadav is good enough for what he can do. Keep in mind that it should never be used as basic antivirus software, but rather something that can work with any antivirus software. It is good to have an anti-malware scanner as a second opinion!

It is available for download here at .

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