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The Google fire engineer responsible for the anti-diversity manifesto

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The software engineer who made the controversial manifesto attacking Google’s diversity policies is no longer an employee of the company. James Damore himself, who until then kept his identity, confirmed Bloomberg his dismissal, saying he was fired for «perpetuating gender stereotypes.»

About ten pages, the manifesto was published on internal networks from Google But it caused such outrage among Google employees that it soon passed. When it was made public, the document caused even more controversy.

Google revokes the engineer responsible for the manifesto against diversity 1

Damore argues, for example, that women are less present than men in technology because they are more inclined to feelings and therefore prefer to work in social or artistic fields. However, in the words of the engineer, women have a lower tolerance for stress, which explains the lower participation of women in advanced positions.

Regarding Google’s policies, Damore says the company’s efforts to establish diversity have created a «politically correct monoculture» that humiliates those who think differently from the ideas it promotes. These are just some of the arguments.

Reactions to the document were immediate, so Google had to comment quickly. In a letter to employees signed by Danielle Brown, who took over as vice president of diversity, integrity and governance a few weeks ago, the company says the practice is virtually incompatible with its internal culture.

Sundar Pichai’s menu

Google Fire Engineer Responsible for Anti-Diversity Manifesto 2

Sundar pichai

Brown’s letter was considered evasive by many people. Therefore, Google was expected to make a stronger decision. She came with Damore’s resignation on Monday afternoon (7).

Although he did not explicitly mention his resignation, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, published a letter on Tuesday (8) to give a firmer position and, indirectly, to explain the dismissal of the engineer.

He says the company “strongly supports the right of googlers [como se llama a los empleados de Google] to express «and that» much of what is said in the manifesto is open to debate. «» However, parts of the document violate Google’s code of conduct and go too far, promoting harmful gender stereotypes in the workplace, «he says. he.

Pichai goes on to say that «suggesting to colleagues to have characteristics that make them less biologically suitable for their work is offensive and unacceptable.»

Google revokes the engineer responsible for the manifesto against diversity 3


James Damore’s resignation is seen by many as a right decision, but it has also led to a number of opposing protests, including those related to the far-right movement. Reactions include a boycott campaign for Google services:

Even Julian Assange spoke, demanding censorship of his dismissal and giving Damore a job at Wikileaks:

At least so far, Damore has not commented on the repercussions of the deal. But for Bloomberg, the engineer said he is already studying all possible legal remedies to address his resignation.

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