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The Google Assistant now performs various actions with a voice command

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The Google The Brazilian Portuguese expert has a feature called Routines – you can perform multiple actions with a single voice command in Android . For example, if you say «good morning», the phone talks about the weather forecast, the time of day and the traffic conditions. You can also set up your own routines.

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You can enable routines by opening the Google Assistant in Android (holding down the Start button) and following the path To explore (compass in the right corner)> menu (top right corner)> Set> routines . This is spreading slowly; you may not have access yet.

There are five default routines; you can activate all the steps or just a few. These are:

  • on waking («good morning»): turn off silent mode, talk about weather and traffic conditions, adjust media volume;
  • on the way to work («let’s go to work»): talks about their meetings for the day and reminders, mentions the expected arrival and plays music / radio;
  • on return from work («let’s go home»): shows the weather forecast to get home, reads the unread messages aloud, adjusts the media volume, plays music / radio;
  • when I got home («I got home»): display reminders and adjust media volume;
  • at bedtime («good night»): puts the mobile phone in silent mode, talks about the weather forecast and the first meeting for the next day, activates the alarm.

Google Assistant lets you create custom routines

The Google Assistant now performs various actions with a voice command 2

If you want, you can create a custom routine. First, enter the command – Google suggests «Popcorn Hour» – and choose actions such as leaving the device in silent mode. You can even activate the routine on certain days and hours.

This feature has been available in the United States for several months. It integrates with the Google Home smart speaker and offers additional controls: it is possible to turn on and off the lamps, sockets, thermostats, among others.

Already using Google Assistant routines? What do you think?

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