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The EU hits Google with Record Fine

The EU hits Google with Record Fine

Upgrade: The European Union has fined Google 2.42 billion euros (2.14 thousand millions of pounds), a record amount, for incorrect use of the search engine to direct users to their shopping services. The technology giant could face civil action from any person or company affected by the damage. The fight of seven years ago is not over yet, as Google did denied the EU’s findings and indicated its intentions to appeal.

The seven-year confrontation between the European Union and Google could end in August with a note of corporate drama.

Specifically, up to £ 5 billion in drama.

EU competition chief Margrethe Vestager takes final decision on antitrust case against tech giant, according to New York Times .

Since the beginning of 2015, three separate EU investigations investigating potential antitrust actions by Google have led to allegations. One investigation focuses on whether the company uses its search services to guide users to its own products and services, while another claims this. Your advertising products restrict consumer choices . The third concerns Android, which, according to the EU, is unfairly preinstalled with Google services as a search engine.

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Google’s problems are reminiscent of an antitrust case against Intel, which resulted in a £ 9 million fine in 2008 and confirmed after the company filed an appeal in 2014 . At the time, the fine was the largest antitrust sanction imposed by the EU and gave the government body the opportunity to act as a mediator for global online business.

Google’s potential fine would almost double Intel and could equal 10% of the company’s overall annual revenue. Google’s operations in the region can be regulated to give Google’s rivals and competitors a level playing field in the online search market, where the company has a 90% stake.

Regardless, Google has protested its innocence from the beginning, citing user satisfaction and the competitive nature of the business as the reason why the company’s developments are not blatant.

«We are confident that these cases will ultimately be decided on the basis of the facts and that this analysis will show that our product innovations have benefited consumers and traders and expanded competition,» said Kent Walker, senior vice president and general counsel, Google. on a blog. to post . «The safest signs of dynamic competition in any market are low prices, abundant options and constant innovation.»

If the report is correct, we will soon know if Google will be 10% poorer and take care of children across Europe. This saga still has a long way to go.

Picture with the cover : Friends of Europe , used under Creative Commons