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The disk structure is corrupt and unreadable in Windows.

La estructura del disco está dañada y es ilegible en Windows. 2

While working on your Windows computer, if you see this Location not available, The disc structure is damaged and cannot be read Windows error message, here are some things you should do immediately if you want to avoid data loss.

The disc structure is damaged and illegible

When you see this error, it may mean that the storage medium, such as the USB, memory card, or external drive, is having problems. See if any of our suggestions help:

1]Sometimes something as simple as disconnecting your device, restarting your computer, and reconnecting your device can solve this problem.

2]Put ChkDsk on that disk and see. You can run ChkDsk using the following command line parameters in a CMD window:

chkdsk /f /r K:


  • / f Fix detected errors

  • / r Identifies faulty sectors and tries to recover information

  • Replace K here with your drive letter.

If you can’t start in Windows 10, you need to start in Advanced Boot Options, select Command Prompt, and then run ChkDsk.

3]You can reinstall that device and see if it works for you. To do this, open Device Manager from the WinX menu, right-click the drive that is causing the problem, and select Uninstall. Then restart the computer and connect the USB drive. The device must be installed automatically.

The disk structure is corrupt and unreadable in Windows.  2

If not, open Device Manager again and click the button Look for hardware changes . Or you can click Action> Search for hardware changes.

4]See if you can back up data (or at least the most important part) to another drive. If you feel the need, you can use free data recovery software. If you can, reformat the unit and see if that helps.


See this post if you receive a segment of the file recording is an unreadable error, and if you do receive it, you must format the disc in the drive before you can use it.

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