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The directory with the best WISEPLAY Spanish 2021 lists

The directory with the best WISEPLAY Spanish 2021 lists

Certainly not everyone knows the WisePlay application, in this case one of the applications is missing the best applications to enjoy online and free multimedia content.

But what is Wiseplay and what is it for?

Wiseplay is a completely free Android application that allows us to see through some Wiseplay List Codes to enjoy a huge repertoire of multimedia content.

Wiseplay stands out above all for its ease of use which, along with its wide versatility, allows each user to select and customize all content by simply adding Wiseplay lists.

Now comes the best of all, namely, Wiseplay, in addition to being a free application, it is 100% legal and you can download it from the Google Play Store, in fact it is always the recommended option.

How to add lists in the WisePlay application

For add free lists to the Wiseplay app There are three very easy ways to do this by pasting the URL, uploading a list file with w3u or m3u and my favorite option, direct scanning of the QR code with the Wiseplay phone.

For both options, once we have started the application, click on the «more» button located in the lower right corner.

And then we select the way we want add our lists to the Wiseplay directory.

one) Add from URL, we just need to copy the URL of the list w3u or m3u, paste it in the box and press OK. All content will be added and ordered automatically.

Two) Add a list to Wiseplay via QR code, the easiest, fastest and most comfortable option of all. We just have to select Add a QR list, bring the phone closer to the code and you’re done.

3) Add a list from the file, this method for upload lists to Wiseplay It is the longest of the three, but very useful when, for example, downloading a package of lists or sharing them with friends on WhatsApp etc.

To use this method, just open the file from the list by selecting the location where I downloaded it and you’re done.

Apart from these three ways we have to do it add lists in the Wisplay applicationWe can also do this every time we open a link that contains one or more lists directly from the mobile device’s web browser.

The best Wiseplay lists in Spanish updated in 2021

Next, we will leave you with our personal recommendation of the best updated lists in Spanish for Wiseplay, where you will find endless content of all kinds, from movies, series, sports, documentaries, TV channels, etc.

The only disadvantage of this is that it is difficult to distinguish between free legal content and the content that can be used without permission and that’s why maybe violates various policies. However, of course you are already aware, so I will not waste any more time.

How to stream Wiseplay content on Smart TV without using Chromecast

If you have a Smart TV with operating system other than Android TV and you do not have a device Chromecast in which send Wiseplay content to your TV, then you should follow these steps:

1) Make sure the Wiseplay app is up to date, and if not, do it from Google Play.

2) Check that both the mobile device running Wiseplay and the TV are connected to the same WiFi network. If both devices are properly connected to the same network, you’ll see a new icon in the top bar of Wiseplay, otherwise your device probably isn’t compatible with your TV.

3) Click this icon, select the TV, and when you play any video, it should also appear on the TV.

If the video never starts playing, the TV does not receive the content well or does not support the format because it is not compatible.

If the TV has Android operating systemAll you have to do is install the Wiseplay app from the Google Play Store. For Android TV devices In addition to the Google Play Store, you can also install Wiseplay using an apk file from a USB stick or SD card.