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The biggest disappointment of this year’s Android update

The biggest disappointment of this year's Android update

To say that the performance of this year’s Android update was a disappointment would be an understatement.

Sure, I could point it out widely cited statistics which shows that the adoption of Android 11 is the best of all version recently from Android in terms of how many phones the software has been running since this six-month period. And, of course, it certainly is something .

But you know what? It’s a pretty nice bar. When we talk about a major new version of Android, a software full of importance related improvements with privacy and security which affects how Android and third-party applications can interact with your data, has only one-fifth of all Android. the phones running it half a year after the launch it is not exactly a victory worth celebrating.

Me Android 11 update card based on data say it all. Using the same standard formula I relied on to evaluate Android device manufacturers for nearly a decade (related to: I’m 700 years old), I found that, with the exception of Google, all major flagship phone manufacturers in the U.S. this thing. only earn a D-level or resounding rating with your Android 11 update rates. score of the second place in this year’s ranking was a mess of 68% D +. And things only get worse from there.

However, what is on the latest bulletin is not the biggest disappointment of all. Yes, everyone outside of Google can must do your best to provide your current software to your customers with higher payments in a reasonably timely manner, but honestly, right now, most of these disappointments are more or less expected .

I mean the way Microsoft, yes, Microsoft! – you take care of software support for the first and so far the only self-made, expensive and unusual Android product Microsoft Surface Duo .

The surface duo? Who cares? Believe me, I understand. The initial effort of Microsoft’s Android hardware was not exactly an action or a phone that did more than a splash of pebbles the size of Android’s great ocean. But as I said From the beginning , the Duo story is less about the imperfect specifics of this unique original product and more about the broader picture of what it might show us about Microsoft’s mobile ambitions: what could it do? lead , in other words, with future generations of devices..


Surface Duo – Intriguing, unusual and outdated.

And some of what I was really hoping to see revealed, something I called The most interesting Android question of 2020 In fact, it was if Microsoft managed to shake off the sad state of Android updates.

It’s not such a crazy idea to consider. Think about it: Outside of Google, most other Android device manufacturers have absolutely no motivation to make continuous and timely software support a priority, so it’s no wonder we see half the effort. and with turtle rhythms that we deliver Android updates. Companies like Samsung and Motorola make money mainly by selling hardware. Software updates require time and resources, and companies that do all these basic things don’t get anything tangible in return. In any case, frequent updates get in against in the interest of most phone manufacturers, as they make it less likely that you will feel the need to go out and buy a shiny new device.

Traditionally in Android, Google has been the only exception to this rule, as Google is motivated to keep your phone (and therefore the internet and its services) as long as possible and with a pleasant experience. Even if you don’t buy new phones so often, Google still benefits from having you online, involved, and excited about setting up Android, after all.

Microsoft, curiously, is quite similar. As with Google, hardware sales are not the primary goal of that business. Instead, it relies mainly on platforms, software and services to earn money. Hardware is first and foremost a way to take you further into the Microsoft ecosystem, an ecosystem that Microsoft has worked hard to achieve. build in android .

To quote the wise words of the most beautiful and humble writer I know:

Microsoft is in a pretty unique position, being the only company outside of Google, for which device sales alone is not the main goal or motivation, and for which providing long-term software updates has some real tangible benefits. Not only that, but Microsoft is the only company involved in Android, apart from Google, with experience in providing large-scale and timely software updates and a history of priority.

Surface Duo, despite its relative insignificance in the Android landscape and in my Report Card at the moment, was the first test of how Microsoft would go in that department. And what happened

Well, I tell you, Tito: nothing. Tocmai bupkis. Microsoft has done nothing to show signs that it has taken operating system updates seriously on its first Android device. Six months after the launch of Android 11, Duo is on an increasingly outdated software, now 18 months old and outdated. For a company that strives to update its own Windows operating system every seven to 14 seconds and a company that no doubt knows the value of keeping software up to date and optimized, especially when it comes to business situations, it’s not just disappointing; it is pathetic.

Even worse, Microsoft has not made any views, officially, about what is happening and about the Duo could see Android 11. Unofficial, rumors suggest that the phone could receive the update, which, carefully, was launched in early September 2020 – sometime «this summer».

Depending on when exactly this happens, it would take nine to 12 months to update. For August or September (both are part of the summer), we will be about to see Next version of Android , Android 12 , available. And the self-made product by Microsoft could get the old version, which is already about to stop working.

It would be unacceptable for anything Android phone, even a budget one. For a phone call, people pay $ 1,400 because it’s about to be an insult. And for a phone that comes from a company with a history, capabilities, business focus and Microsoft experience in providing reliable and timely software updates, it’s almost embarrassingly unfortunate.

I would like to believe that Microsoft could redeem itself and change things with future generations of Duo, but the almighty Goog has a lot of improvements to make. I don’t know if any other company in this field came up with so many promises and then fell so quickly to such an amazing level of disappointment.

So come on, Microsoft is trying to push you through this, isn’t it? Even your old friend Clippy has to hang his pretty head with a staple of shame right now.