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The best sites to download free ePubs

The best sites to download free ePubs

Download ePubs it is a practice that e-book users carry out on a regular basis. And the fact is that, in addition to being a much cheaper downloadable format than a physical book, it allows us to carry it comfortably with other ePubs in the same device, in the same way as if we were carrying a virtual library with us. . This practice is even more satisfying if ePubs are free. So, don’t miss the selection of web pages where you can download ePubs completely free and legal.

His arrival ePubs It was a revolution in the world of reading, because they allow the storage of hundreds of them in a single device, with the consistent savings it entails both in space and in economic terms, for users. However, many of them are looking to be able to get free ePubs legally, and this is what the following websites suggest.


The Gutenberg Project

The Gutenberg Project

From its inception (around 1971) until today, The Gutenberg Project It has become one of the largest projects dedicated to the dissemination of reading.

It currently has a database of over 40,000 books in a multitude of languages ​​and its main goal is to bring the world of books, free of charge, to the largest number of users worldwide.

A large part of people working on the Gutenberg ProjectThere are volunteers who digitize, review and publish all those books that will later be downloaded for free and today it is possible to download them in several formats, including ePub.

How to search for books is extremely simple, just enter the name of the author or title, type of subject, file … in the advanced search bar to find all the results. Click on the file and it will be available on your device in just a few seconds.


The house of the book

The house of the book

The famous network of The house of the book, is another option to be able to download free ePubs organized especially on themes and by author. Most of these books are great classics of literature, so it’s not the right place if you’re looking for a bestseller, but you may find interesting novels or essays.

To download the book you are interested in, you need to create an account and log in with your accesses. This way you will have immediate access to the collection of free ePubs.




Literanda is a perfect option for those readers looking for new authors, because it is one of the platforms where the newest writers offer free novels or at very low prices and without any legal restrictions. If you prefer to buy more popular titles, you can also find literary classics ready for instant download.

Literanda also acts not only as a bookstore, but also as a publishing house, so it is also possible to self-publish your own book and display it, so that readers can read it. An excellent initiative for both writers and readers.




Read is a Spanish platform dedicated to the distribution of digital content in various formats, ready for download. You can find books on several topics at very low prices or, at best, completely free. In some cases, I just ask you to share them on your social networks or simply the reader is the one who proposes the price to be paid.

One of the features of Lektu is that the books it sells have no copy protection, so you can share them with your acquaintances or copy them as long as they are not distributed en masse. For this reason, they carry a watermark that detects whether that e-book has been distributed in a massive way, to limit the management of the books. A new way to enjoy free ePubs (but in moderation).


Goose and octopus

Goose and octopus

Goose and octopus is one of the new websites that allow free download of several titles in ePub format. Although it does not yet have a very extensive book base, you may find more than 300 titles that you can read for free.

Navigating its catalog is very simple and you can search for any book simply by entering the author, subject, genre and even year.

One of the objectives of Ganso y pulpo, since its creation, has been to be able to disseminate, through its platform, all those literary texts that can be harder to find, either because they have been interrupted or because they do not have much circulation. They are, in particular, those that belong to the early twentieth century and are considered in the public domain.

Excellent option for finding «forgotten works» and other interesting discoveries.




How could it be otherwise, Amazon, a sales giant of all kinds, has also joined the marketing of digital files, although yes, available in ePub for the brand’s e-book: Catch.

If you are a user of this e-book, you will find an extensive catalog of books on Amazon ready for download. In addition, it offers the possibility to borrow digital books so that you can receive and send e-books to your friends.

To download and read these books, you must have an Amazon account. After accessing your profile, you will be able to choose from all the available books and download them to your account. And if you have doubts about which one to choose, you can access the ranking of the most downloaded books.




Alexandria website It is another alternative if you are looking for a wide catalog of free books in Spanish and legal. And while they still don’t have much variety, the titles and authors that can be found are really appealing, like Agatha Christie or Mario Benedetti.

It is a portal specially designed for lovers of universal literature and also allows you to download them even on your mobile phone, so that you have no problem when it comes to enjoying your favorite readings from anywhere you prefer. Remember that you can find a lot on the internet Free ePub readers.

Now you will have no problem looking for a good read without spending anything. Take your ePubs wherever you want and don’t give up the pleasure of reading anywhere.

Did you know …

The term «ePub» is an acronym for English expression electronic publication.

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