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The best Excel templates to create the best forms

The best Excel templates to create the best forms

Data collection can make the difference in many fundamental processes and activities in our lives. But if you don’t order and write everything down, things can get complicated. With so much information we currently manage, you can always miss something. But don’t worry, what Excel templates are the easiest way to create the best forms.

Here are 10 Excel templates that will allow you to get organized and that you probably didn’t know existed.

Project template

You should carries several projects and you don’t know how to follow them. Maybe you forgot what tasks you should perform for each, then these types of templates are perfect to follow. Your options include: Deadlines, priorities, percentage reached upon completion of the project, dedicated hours, estimated cost, among others.

Excel templates for business forms

These types of templates are common all areas of activity, including: Projects, expense management, business plan, accounting, inventory, events, etc. From now on you will have no excuses to get organized with Excel.

Contacts list

Physical agendas have long been a thing of the past. You may think that you have everything under control with your online diaries, but this is not always the case. So the contacts are all in one place and always available download this class of templates. You can write emails, phone numbers, the company where your contact works and even the social networks they use.

Template for controlling hours and working hours

You can do recording the hours you have dedicated weekly, monthly, bimonthly, monthly on leave or on leave. Use this template for do shifts and keep track of the hours each employee worked. With this check, determine if you have been paid according to the hours worked or you can keep personal control of your expenses.

Excel form for expense report

With this form you can justify all your expenses in a professional way preventing you from forgetting a number because you didn’t write it down. Record business travel expenses, such as: Hotels, mileage, food, etc.

Excel templates for the costs of a Startup

Are you thinking of starting a start-up company? With the Excel cost template you can calculate the approximate cost of this type of company before you start it. Calculate everything in advance to see if the project you have in mind is really worth it.

Fuel Tracker & Calculator

If you travel frequently with your car because of work, then mileage is a major reason for you. If you do not keep up with these expenses consciously, there could be a significant loss of money at the end of the month. It is better to spend a few minutes each day filling form that Excel gives you to track gasoline.

The company may ask you from time to time for the petrol account you used on the trips. With this template you can easily measure the distance traveled and the petrol consumed, the date and the reason for the trip.

Templates for organizing ideas in Excel

If you have seen all the templates we have presented to you so far, you will understand how important it is to leave everything correctly recorded in writing. Is a practical way to better perceive projects, ideas, and so on With the idea organization form you can place sub-tasks in each of the projects, the resources needed to materialize them, among other things.

Excel invoice templates

It’s time to issue invoices! If you don’t, it will be difficult for you to collect your work. The invoice template is important, especially for the company’s image. A a well-designed invoice says a lot about your company and about you.Now with Excel you can make the design you like the most. It is a fairly simple template, but its attraction is in the high customization, so you can adapt it to your company.

Balance of profits and losses

To make sure your business works well, you should always have the profit and loss pattern at hand. Is a quick and easy way to see at a glance what your company’s status is.. With this template for the twelve months of the year, don’t lose sight of these annual revenues and expenses that your business has. It allows you to see the information in a line chart so you can compare gross profit with expenses.

Where to download Excel templates?

You can find variety of Excel templates on the web free of charge. There are also payment options that are worth the investment. You will see that you have many options to choose from. If you are looking for a template that meets all your expectations, choose one of the Excel templates for business which are available online.