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The best consequences for teenagers who break left

The best consequences for teenagers who break left

Establishing a clear state of cleanliness is a useful way to balance your teen’s need for freedom with your responsibility to make sure he or she is safe. Getting home on time is a good way for your teen to show you that they can behave responsibly.

But, of course, most teenagers break their vacation at least once or twice. The way you respond when your child comes home late makes a big difference in how often it happens.

If your child comes home late, don’t waste your energy screaming. And skip the long lecture about how worried you were or how something horrible could have happened. Instead, create consequences that teach you the life lessons of your teenager. Here are the most effective ways to respond when your teen is in control:

1. Temporarily reduce the time status

If your teen comes home 20 minutes late, be 20 minutes earlier for a week. It is logical consequence It will help you remind your child of the importance of being home on time in the future.

This can be especially effective if your teen is less than an hour late and if it is a rare crime. If you show them that they are responsible for making the timeline for a week, return the timeline to normal hours.

2. Create additional restrictions

If your teen comes home more than an hour late or interrupts coverage several times, additional restrictions may be needed to help him or her learn from his or her mistakes. Protect them from spending time with friends on the weekends or removing electronic devices for a specified period of time.

Avoid removing too many privileges for too long. Restricting access to electronic devices for a month, for example, will demotivate your child and can lead to rebellion. Your teen may not try to regain their privileges.

3. Solve the problems together

If your teen breaks the time frame, make it an opportunity to teach him to be more responsible. Work together for solve problems how can i get home on time in the future.

For example, encourage them to set an alarm on their mobile phone 30 minutes before the time. The alarm can remind them it’s time to start going home. Instead of texting the teenager to remind them to come home, that alarm might help them make a good decision on their own.

Ask questions like «What can you do to make sure you get home on time in the future?» Give your child a chance to develop solutions on their own. But if they find it hard to find many, give them some suggestions while brainstorming.

Also, talk to your teen about what to do when they have problems, such as extra traffic on the road or a problem with a friend. Make it clear that you do not want them to rush or endanger your safety when you get home 30 seconds ahead of time.

Encourage them to call you or send you text messages so that you are aware of the situation if they are late. But make it clear that these things should be exceptional circumstances, not an overnight emergency.

4. Allow your teen to gain more freedom

Teenagers often complain that the weather is too early. Let your teen know that until you get home on time for your current curfew, you won’t extend your copfew hours.

Create an incentive for your child to get home on time. For example, tell them that if they get home on time every day for two weeks, you will extend the trunk on Friday night by 30 minutes. Rewards good behavior It can go a long way to keeping your teen motivated to follow the rules.

5. Call the police if you have security issues

Make it clear to your teen that if he or she has a security issue, he or she will not hesitate to call the police. If your teen is late and does not answer your calls or messages, a call to the police may be warranted.

A phone call to the police should not be used as a threat or punishment, but should be used when you have legitimate security reasons.

A word from Verywell

Teach your teen that it’s important Follow the rules and treat others with respect. Part of being a responsible family member involves going home at the set time.