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The 11 steps of a locksmith to open a door

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A closed door is an insurmountable obstacle that you are only aware of when you are locked in a room or closet. You have two options: Either have a 24-hour locksmith at home, or know the locksmith’s secrets. Need help? Well, keep reading carefully.

  1. How to open a door that is locked from the inside

pick technique it’s much simpler than it appears in movies. It consists of maneuvering to align the pins inside the lock. If you have a pick, first insert a straight thread inside and then pick. The wire will open the way to choose to align the pins. When you notice that nothing is stopping him, keep going! Now you can turn the thread and open the door.

opens a door that is locked from the inside
  1. Using a card to open a door

It is simpler technique, although it cannot be used on all types of doors. To get started, make sure there is enough free space between the door and the frame to pass the card. Insert the card and lower it slowly until it slides, once there, the card will push it and the door can be opened. We cannot be held liable for any damage you may cause to your property, and if your intention is to access someone else’s property, we urge you to stop reading the tutorial.

  1. With an x-ray

It is essential that the door is your property. It is very similar to the technique of opening a door with a card, with the difference that you do not need the space between the frame and the door to be so wide. If you do not have an x-ray or have questions about how to open a door, we recommend that you call a locksmith. Once you pass the X-ray through the gap between the frame and the door, you just have to slowly lower the sheet until the latch hits and the door will open.

  1. A locksmith can make a copy of the key without having a key

If you want contact a professional locksmith, you can ask me to make a copy of a key you lost from a house hat you own. Just take the bowler and remove the fuse from the cylinder. Once they reach the locksmith, they will insert a main key and fix the pins with a lock of locksmith. They will take the orders of the pins and make the notches to make a duplicate of the key in the mentioned cylinder.

key copier
  1. Open an iron door without a key

If you have a problem opens a security doorAs long as the safety pistons are not in the closed position, you can use the card or X-ray techniques we taught in the previous points. Although in this case, you can also use the technique we explain in the next step.

  1. Using a woodworking key

It is a universal key that is used to open all types of locks. It is sold to locksmiths and even on Amazon. It is a key whose teeth have a maximum space and thus fit into all the locks of the lock. It is used by professionals.

  1. Remove the hinges

Using a flat-head screwdriver, you can insert it under the head of the screw and remove it. The screw is the nail-like piece of metal that joins the two pieces of a hinge. Once removed, the hinge will disassemble into two parts and you can open the door.

  1. Break the lock with a hammer

This step requires little explanation. If you hit the piston with a hammer until it comes out, you can open the door. The problem is that you will have to hire a locksmith to reinstall another lock.

how to choose a lock
  1. Break a lock

Take care. If the lock is rusty or cut, do not try this method. You will need a tension wrench, a rake track, a track and lubricant. Once all the items have been inserted, you will need to make circular motions until you notice that the lock is moving and you can open the door.

  1. Open a door with a paper clip

You will need two clips. You need to open one until it is straight, then fold another and create a half-centimeter hook.

  1. Open a sliding door

They are weak locks and easy to break. The ideal in this type of housing is to unscrew it from the door and you can open it. None of these locks are intended for security purposes. If you do not have a screwdriver at hand, you will be forced to break the door in the screw area.