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Telegram What is Telegram Messenger? How does it work and how is it used? Benefits, advantages and disadvantages

Telegram What is Telegram Messenger?  How does it work and how is it used?  Benefits, advantages and disadvantages

Instant messaging applications are becoming more and more popular. What in the beginning only supported mobile phones, today there are many applications of this type that have a desktop version. Which is incredible, because it gives us the same thing benefits than mobile and without having to turn it on to be able to check messages and so on.

And, while it is true that WhatsApp is the best known and most used worldwide, this does not mean that it is the best. Regarding the best instant messaging app which exists, by far the Telegram is the one that occupies the first position. And if you don’t have this app, you should go to its official page and download Telegram completely free. But since you may not know anything about this app, we will detail it below.

What is Telegram Messenger?

This is just one of many existing instant messaging applications for both Android and iOS mobile phones. So, we have to say that it has exactly the same functions as the rest of the applications in this class: the ability to send photos, videos, audio, files, programs, make calls, text messages and more.

Although Telegram is far above other applications, it does not have the same thing WhatsApp’s popularity level. This is mainly due to the marketing that has been implemented. However, in recent months, this application has reported about 400 million new users. Users who will be able to prevent them from writing messages on Telegram, unknown contacts.

How does Telegram work?

There is nothing strange that people do not know about instant messaging applications. But if it is true that there is much different in terms of how WhatsApp works. For example, to have a Telegram account, you do not need to have a phone number. Enter an alias and you’re done. In the same way, contacts and other people can contact you either on pageor your phone number or alias you used.

Otherwise, it has the same functions as WhatsApp, for example. If not level of security for users, it is much greater, as is intimacy.

When you download a file of any kind, this application gives you the option to store it in the cloud or download it directly to your phone or computer. In the same vein, you should know that you can hide the last hour of connection in the telegram.

As regards its use, not much different from other apps you already know. Search for the person you’ve added to your contacts, or you can find an option that lets you know the location and user of those who use Telegram within a radius that you place. In addition, you can set up conversations with people in private, access groups, join channels, and more.

What are the advantages of using Telegram?

The truth is that there are many advantages that we can mention. So much so that you have the option to delete and self-destruct a Telegram account forever quickly and easily. Thus, the most remarkable advantages are:

the advantages of using the telegram

  1. TIt has support for Android, IOS, Windows and Mac
  2. Allows you to send large files larger than 500 MB
  3. You can find groups and channels where you can download files of interest
  4. The storage system is one of the best due to the fact that everything is stored in the cloud first.
  5. The level of customization is very wide.
  6. Allows you to create temporary messages, meaning you can schedule them to be sent at a certain time
  7. You can use robots
  8. wasAdditional nations that are «hidden»

Is there any disadvantage to this instant messaging app?

The truth is that this application is so great that it currently has no disadvantages. The only thing we can tell you is that very few of your contacts certainly don’t use it because of how unpopular it is. Otherwise, it’s a perfect instant messaging app, which has more and more advantages.