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Telegram How to authenticate or authenticate my Telegram account forever

Telegram How to authenticate or authenticate my Telegram account forever

One of the main reasons why people use this platform is precisely because it generally does not interfere with the use offered by the platform by its users, however, of course, it has a usage policy to take into account when there are complaints. but only when there are complaints.

That being the case, Telegram has been used by many unusual actions that would not be allowed on WhatsApp By no means, this is why thousands of users have grown since the platform appeared, however there are many dislikes with the platform and this is totally understandable, group voice chats often do not work.

Another thing that I promise works and often is not to store your files in the cloud, unfortunately for this, they are better platforms, such as OneDrive, which specialize in this or Google Drive, but The telegram remains pretty short in this world.

Precisely because of these details, Telegram users prefer to move away from the platform, leaving their accounts unused by anyone for long periods of time or deleting their account, but What about my account? If doing so involves a downside, would you like to do so? here we will analyze it.

What happens to my files if I don’t use my Telegram account for a long time?

It is moderately difficult for Telegram to consider that it is not used by you, because when you turn on your mobile phone, it is set up and connected automatically and this makes it difficult for you not to be an active user. if you do not uninstall the application, whose action you can do directly from the PlayStore

However, if you stop using Telegram for a long time, your files will be permanently deleted For this reason, if you do not want this to happen, you should log in or open Telegram sometime at least every month, this way Telegram will keep your files (because we remember that your files are saved in application and not in device)

Does this include my personal chats?

If your account is disabled for any reason, your messages, images, and content of any kind shared with your contacts by groups or privately will continue to be available. for the same people which were previously available, ie deleting your account does not harm files that other people have.

For example, if you sent a thousand messages to your ex’s Telegram chat account and you deactivate your account, you think they’ll be deleted automatically. I’m sorry to disappoint you but no, they will not be deleted, her copy of the files will remain there until she decides to delete it or her account will be deactivated as well.

How to set up my Android or iOS Telegram account self-destruct step by step

If you intend to be inactive for a very long time, WhatsApp allows you to be inactive for up to 45 days, after that delete your account and Telegram works more or less the same, only allows you to choose the time period, then I show you how to do it:

Android iphone telegram application

  • Go to the Telegram app and go to the top left corner and tap the three horizontal points of life
  • Click «Settings» and go to the «Privacy and Security» section
  • Then look for the section in «Control your sessions on other devices» and the «Delete account» option will appear
  • In addition to a list where you can select what time you want your account to be. permanently deleted
  • You have options to choose from: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.
  • Finally save and you can uninstall the app, once you have chosen your account, it will no longer appear to those who added you.

This is the easiest way to get rid of your account, if you do not schedule this and leave, the number of days, weeks or months that your account will remain active is uncertain, so it is better program yourself to destroy yourself.