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Telegram How do I know if they read my message on the Telegram? | Complete guide Telegram has several functions and also has its web platform, but …

Telegram How do I know if they read my message on the Telegram?  |  Complete guide Telegram has several functions and also has its web platform, but ...

Telegram has various functions and also has its own web platform, but its main functions are those found when two people come into contact. Because there are features like sending a photo, videos, audio and more.

Another function we can find when we send and receive messages is that Telegram has a read confirmation. For people who are new to Telegram, they may have some doubts about whether a person you sent a message to received it or whether they read it, so in this article we will explain how the read receipts work and so you can clear up all your doubts.

What are the functions of sending and receiving messages in Telegram?

Sending the message

One of the the main functions are provide the speed of such messagesalso the interaction with different people who are in any part of the world and finally another function of sending is that Telegram servers never change your messages.

Sending and receiving the message

The main function of the reception is that all the messages you send are delivered and taken care of.

How do I know if my message has already been read in a Telegram chat?

Just look at the little icon that appears next to those messages you send. Icons mentioned They have the shape of a popcorn or a check and here we will explain what each means.

A popcorn

If you receive a single tick or check when sending your friend’s message, it means that the message was sent, but the person did not receive it either because they did not log in. or because the phone is turned off. This check box performs the same function as other applications, such as WhatsApp, where it tells us if a message has arrived.

Two popcorn

If you sent a message on the Telegram, but this time you get two popcorn or two chek, this means that the person connected to the Telegram and that’s why he saw your message. In Telegram, unlike Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp, it will not appear in blue, so we consider that the person read the message with the two checks or the two popcorn.

trick to identify if they read my message in the telegram

If you still do not feel completely sure that you are allowed to enter, you can check when the person’s last connection was, of course only if he is active. For moments, The telegram always states the delivery of messages; So if a person sends you a message, they’ll get two popcorn and they may think you read it.

However, you can remove the last time, so that the person does not confirm that you have left it in sight, unlike WhatsApp, if you can remove the seen.

How do I know if my message has been read in a Telegram group?

Having a group on Telegram is very useful when sending content or information to several people, also the fact that you have a group has an advantage which is that you can make group calls. However, when you send a message, you can tell if it has been received and read. If you want to know if your message was received and read is very simple, you need to locate a group in the application and send a message.

reading the confirmation in the telegram

Double check

Once the message is sent to a group, check the icon that appears next to the messagee if it is a popcorn or a check means that the message was sent successfully, if it appears two popcorn or a double check means that someone in the group has read your message.

Can I find out who read my message?

A small disadvantage that Telegram has is that when you send a message to a group, when you leave the double check or the two popcorn, it is known that someone in that group read your message, but you can’t know specifically who it was. On the other hand, in WhatsApp this function is available.

However, let’s hope that as time goes on, the creators of Telegram will add this feature which is very useful for many.