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Surface: Tablet drain tutorial

Superficie: tutorial de fuga de la tableta 1

For a few days, a Default mode was presented by » clrokr »Allowing unlocking through various manipulations, jailbreaker , tablet Microsoft Surface .

The defect allows the removal of the mandatory signature of the applications.

What this means? The fact that it can run on the tablet applications that are not signed by Microsoft 4.5 (Windows Form only a priori) , the same ones that work on a classic computer!

Not to mention the ability to launch «personal» applications using the Win32 API ( but (re) compiled for the ARM processor ).

Warning: under no circumstances will it allow you to run an application such as «Chrome» on your tablet. To do this, it should be recompiled for an ARM processor.

Thanks » Netham45 »From the xda forum to develop» RT Jailbreak Tool »Which simply allows you to automate tablet escape.

The adaptation for this to work in French of Windows 8 RT was made by me (Alexandre, {edited: then modified by Netham45}.

Free Windows Surface RT Jailbreak Software

Download «Surface RT Jailbreak Tablet» – Downloaded 10643 times – 51 KB

Change log

Version 1.02 makes the same change I made to accept languages ​​other than English.

Version 1.03 provides better support for the username, as well as Jailbreak support when we are not the only user logged in.

Version (1.1) no longer uses a «Modern UI» (Metro) application to create the leak. Also, the executables in the «Startup» directory will run automatically after leaks.

The latest version (1.11) adds new launch options, in addition an interface has been added to manage tasks that are launched automatically.


Extract file «» in a folder on the tablet, for example in C: RT_Jailbreak-1.03_W8F


Turn on your Windows 8 RT device, sign in to your account, and stay on your desktop for about a minute.

Go to the directory where the files were placed:

Surface: Tablet Drain Tutorial 2

If your operating system (OS) is turned on ..:

  • The French run away runExploit_Windows_8_EN.bat

  • Spanish (Spanish), run away runExploit_Windows_8_EN.bat

  • German (German / German), run runExploit_Windows_8_DE.bat

Surface: Tablet Drain Tutorial 3

To continue, you must accept the request to lift the privilege .

If necessary, write » OR » AND »For an operating system in English and» J «for German) to accept the contract.

If «OR» doesn’t work, type «AND».

Please wait.

If all goes well, everything will close automatically. Restart the file to make sure the leak occurred:

Surface: 4 tablets Drain tutorial

Frequent questions

  • Despite all my testing, my tablet continues to crash (blue screen, BSOD)!

There is no solution at this time, try again staying at the office longer (2 or 3 minutes). Check if Windows is up to date.

  • Do I have to do it again every time I restart my tablet?

Yes, you have to do the manipulation again.

  • How do I create applications for the Surface RT tablet?

The answer is in this article: Visual Studio 2012, compiling ARM applications.

  • Can Microsoft fix the error and thus block the leak?

Yes and no. They can fix the failure with Windows Update, but since we can reinstall the «no update» system very well through the recovery partition, we can come back anytime.

  • Will this change allow people to run viruses on my tablet?

Yes and no, if the malicious code is compiled for ARM and released on a tablet using jailbreak, it will really work. However, as soon as the tablet restarts, it will no longer work.

  • I can remove the app » Get the kernel base What appeared on my home screen?

In fact, you can remove the app, but it will be reinstalled the next time you restart the jailbreak.


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