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Steam How to install a DLC solution on Steam for possible problems! The video game industry is a great exponent of entertainment …

Steam How to install a DLC solution on Steam for possible problems!  The video game industry is a great exponent of entertainment ...

The video game industry is a major exponent of entertainment lately, offering a large number of consoles, devices and games that provide hours of fun for those who try it, there are also internet platforms that can be used. dedicated to the distribution of this type of goods, this is the case with Steam.

At the end of our favorite game, we want many hours of play, this is when the DLC «DownLoadable Content» appears, which is downloading additional content for games, extending video game hours for much longer But what happens when you don’t know how to install a DLC on Steam? In this guide we will teach you how to do it very easily and with possible solutions to problems.

How can I install free DLC on Steam?

Within the Steam platform, there is a wide variety of games, free or paid.

free dlc steam platform

If we want to install a free DLC, we need to look for a game that has it, because it should be clarified that not all Steam games have DLC’S.

Log in to your Steam account and select a free game in the store

At this point, we need to log into our Steam account, it needs to be clarified that it needs to be updated and functional, because if it is banned we will not be able to purchase any DLC. Once on the platform, we look in the store for a free and free video game also have some DLC available to download.

Choose the DLC of the game of your choice

Choosing a DLC now it becomes a matter of personal taste, you can choose one or more depending on your preferences. To install a DLC you need to have the game it belongs to on our computer. Next, on the right side of the screen, we will find a section dedicated to the game’s DLC.

We need to click where it says «Manage my DLC», as a result we are shown a downloadable content management menu, in which we will enable or disable the desired DLC depending on the occasion. It should be noted that the space on our hard drive is a key factor when it comes to download games and DLCBecause there is no space, such downloads will not be possible, so it is recommended that you clean your computer with CCleaner.

Where can you find DLC for Steam?

The DLC can be found on the Steam page, we need to log in, if we can’t, we may have forgotten our account, so we need to retrieve it, look for games that contain downloadable content packages, we can check this accessing the DLC section, which is found when entering game information, right on the right side of the screen.

find download dlc steam

It should be clarified that once we activate the DLC on the Steam page, we must enter the appropriate game. The DLC can usually be seen in the main menu of the video game, although it can also be seen as new skins, new maps, an additional in-game campaign and more.

How can I uninstall a DLC if something goes wrong?

When you install DLC in our game, it takes up a large or small amount of hard disk space, that depends on the game, a good idea to save space is to uninstall DLC through the content management menu of Steam, because all the DLCs that we download or buy are hosted there, uninstalling them is very easy and fast, because you just have to uncheck the box of downloadable content that we want to uninstall.

Contact a Steam advisor

When we download a «DLC» downloadable package, we can uninstall it from the game, several do not completely delete it on your own, because for this it is necessary to contact a Steam advisor, in this case we have to ask them to remove the DLC from our library, in most cases, the advisor will be able to remove them without any problem.

What is the correct way to reinstall a DLC?

If our advisor removes the DLC completely and for some reason we want to play it again, we need to install them again, downloading them from the Steam content management section, if the DLC you want to reinstall is paid, you have already bought it, it is very possible that you can recover it without buying it again.

reinstall steam dlc

Before installing any game or downloadable content, you must check your computer’s storage space, to avoid possible errors when installing them. If we have an error, we recommend that you contact Steam Technical Support to help us find a solution.

Solutions to problems that can be encountered when installing a DLC

Install a DLC on your computer it is usually not something that usually presents a problemHowever, in some cases we may have errors when installing DLC, here are some of the most common problems:

  • Download error: In many cases, either due to an internet connection problem or a problem with the Steam platform, the download of our files can be affected and corrupted, so when we install them in the game, we mark a Error or already game content is not displayed.
  • Insufficient space: when our computer does not have enough space, it is common for the DLC download to tend to be canceled or interrupted, so it is something to consider.
  • Game update or DLC: Another problem we may encounter is that when the game is updated, it is not recommended to install a DLC, it is recommended to wait for the update to complete and thus be able to install DLC without errors. .

common problems install dlc steam

  • DLC removed from the store: Unfortunately, if the DLC has been officially removed from the Steam store, you will not be able to install it here.

Check if the DLC completes the download

This is the most common case through which a DLC is installed incorrectly, because before the download is complete, we try to install or test it in the game, obviously because it is not completely downloaded, it will not work properly, so it is something to consider.