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State-of-the-art whiteboards: 7 shared canvas applications for visual collaboration

State-of-the-art whiteboards: 7 shared canvas applications for visual collaboration

Online whiteboards were just the beginning. With hybrid workforces on the horizon, today’s visual collaboration tools are a key component in keeping everyone on the same canvas when brainstorming, planning and project management.

Digital collaboration platforms have seen an explosion of interest in the last year, as far-flung teams seek to provide better ways for employees to exchange ideas, develop products, manage projects and more. Once used primarily by software development teams, these platforms have expanded horizontally to include enterprise-wide users looking for visual collaboration tools that go beyond the basic whiteboard functionality found on meeting platforms. Online, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Webex.

As teams begin to explore remote return strategies for the post-Covid era, companies may want to consider these tools to bring visual collaboration to their employees. Not everyone will return to the office and many organizations are looking to implement a hybrid work strategy in which some employees work in an office on some days of the week, others come on other days, and those who are not in the office work from distance ..

In this scenario, you can’t go back to meetings where people brainstorm with sticky notes or draw ideas on a physical board. All these processes must exist in continuous digital form.

«A point of discussion that now appears every day in a hybrid environment is:» How do we offer the correctness of collaboration, so that those who are far away have equal access to the same information and influence? ”Said Mike Fasciani, Senior Research Director of Digital Applications at Work at Gartner. «Physical whiteboard is less relevant for this type of configuration.»