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Stages of puberty in girls

Stages of puberty in girls

Puberty is a time of change when girls become young women. Teenage girl They will experience many physical and emotional changes, including breast development, pubic hair growth and the first periods .

Signs of puberty

Each girl will develop at a different pace than her peers. Normal, puberty It can start at the age of 8, some girls may develop earlier and others later. Changes can be quick or gradual.

You may begin to notice that the pre-adolescent grows taller or fuller at the hips as her waist thins. Soon it might be time to buy one training bra . It won’t be long before you have your first period and you may start to experience menstrual cramps. Hormonal changes will also cause the mood changes .

Your little one is growing! You will have many questions when you notice these changes in yourself. She may not always feel comfortable talking to you about them, either.

Parents should try to be aware of their daughter’s feelings and find the right time to start a conversation about it.

Tanner’s puberty

Teenage girls go through many changes as they become young adults. As they go through puberty, their bodies change in a somewhat predictable way. These changes are sometimes called stages from Tanner and can help your pediatrician know if your teen is developing properly.

For women, there are Tanner stages for the development of pubic hair and breasts. These two areas do not always develop at the same time.

Breast development

Here is an overview of the stages of breast development.

  • Stage 1 of the breast : This is the stage before puberty begins. There is no breast tissue and the areola is flat against the chest.
  • Stage 2 of the breast – There is a small amount of breast tissue under the areola.
  • Breast stage 3 of the breast: greater enlargement of the breast tissue and areola. The areola is still flat on the chest.
  • Breast stage 4 breast: breast tissue continues to grow and is distinct from the chest wall. The areola and papilla (small swellings of tissue around the nipple) now rise from the chest wall.
  • Stage 5 of the breast : the areola is flattened again to the curve of the breast. The areola darkens, the nipple begins to come out, and the papillae begin to develop.

Breasts stop growing when a woman reaches the age of twenty.

Pubic hair development

Here is an overview of the stages of pubic hair development.

  • Stage 1 pubic hair : This is the stage before puberty begins. There is no pubic hair at this time.
  • Stage 2 pubic hair : Are long, smooth and colorless near the labia majora (labia majora).
  • Stage 3 pubic hair Pubic hair: more pubic hair begins to grow. The hair darkens and begins to curl.
  • Stage 4 pubic hair : Pubic hair becomes thicker, thicker and more curly, although they are not as abundant as in an adult. The hair fills the entire triangle that covers the pubic region.
  • Pubic hair Stage 5 : Pubic hair extends beyond the groin area and extends to the inner thigh.

Body image problems

There is also a natural weight gain that accompanies puberty. This can start to cause self-esteem problems in your body and it is best to start early to help you feel good about yourself.

Explain that this is natural and encourage her to develop healthy eating habits and exercise to help you maintain a healthy weight.

Confused? Do not worry. If you have any questions or concerns about how your teen is experiencing puberty, talk to your teen’s healthcare provider. Your provider can determine if your teen is growing and developing.rolling correctly.