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Spotify How to view song lyrics on Spotify Don’t appear? Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms …

Spotify How to view song lyrics on Spotify Don't appear?  Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms ...

Spotify is one of the music streaming platforms the largest and most famous worldwide, in it you can find a wide variety of music and even podcasts of any kind. On the other hand, since the end of 2019, this platform has offered its users the opportunity to access the lyrics of the songs available in the application; Here’s how to view the lyrics to your favorite Spotify songs.

Why doesn’t Spotify let me see the lyrics to my songs?

For several years, Spotify has been looking for a way to offer its users the ability to view the lyrics of your favorite songs; after a failed attempt, the App said it had reappeared with a new instrument, which they decided to call Genius, which consisted of a compilation of information about the song being played; In other words, it consists of a section with a series of data about what you play, curious information about the band or artist you are listening to and even small excerpts from the lyrics of the song.

Now the problem with Genius is that Available in English only, But you can change the language of Spotify if you want for a small number of songs, so it’s very likely that you won’t find the lyrics of the songs in Spanish or the songs that weren’t very successful in English.

How do I set up lyrics from my Spotify account on my mobile phone?

This streaming platform has given its users the option of view song lyrics along with a series of relevant information about what you play, in real time !, that is, while playing a song, the application will teach you the lyrics of the song and some information about the song and the artist or band you are listening to; then we’ll teach you how to set up your Spotify account lyrics on your mobile.


The first thing to remember is that if the Lyrics section does not appear under the song next to the artist’s name, it is because the song does not have the lyrics.

spotify phone songs see lyrics

Now, if the song has this option, you just have to click on it and voila, the lyrics of the song will appear automatically; on the other hand, you’ll have to slide up to see the lyrics that appear to the beat of the music, as if it were karaoke, however, not all lyrics are in sync with the rhythm of the music.

If you have a Smart TV at the same time, you can apply the same procedure and at the same time have a better experience if you want to share with friends. Downloading and installing Spotify on your Smart TV is easier than you think.


The procedure for viewing lyrics on Spotify from an iPhone is pretty much the same as before, only since you will need to click on the «Sound» bar (Located next to the artist’s name) and scroll down to see the lyrics and a set of data about what you’re playing.

One important thing to note is that if you use Spotify on your tablet instead of tapping the soundbar, you’ll need to click on the album cover, which is in the side menu.

What can I do to see Spotify lyrics on my computer?

Unfortunately, Genius is only available for iOS and AndroidBut don’t worry, we’ll teach you a tool with which you can view the lyrics of your Windows 10 songs.

spotify covers how to see lyrics

We’re talking about Musixmatch, one of the best music players. Fortunately, its application is completely free for Windows 10 and is available in the Microsoft store.

After downloading this application, you need to open the Spotify program on your computer, at the same time you need to open the Musixmatch application; After opening both applications, a window will automatically appear showing that the Musixmatch application will recognize Spotify songs and play their lyrics.

When you play any song or playlist, the Musixmatch pop-up window will display the lyrics of the song being played; This window can be minimized or enlarged, as well as the lyrics will be displayed synchronized to the rhythm of the song.

Spotify Web

On the other hand, if you don’t have Spotify on your computer, but use the web version of the app instead, the best way to view song lyrics is to Google Chrome extension to add these letters.

The first thing you need to do is go to the Google Chrome Web Store and search install the Spotify Lyrics extension. After installing the extension, a new button will appear immediately next to the player. This button will be used to activate the lyrics of the songs and see them on the screen.

When you play a song, you can click the button I indicated above (Located in the lower left corner of the screen) by activating this button will display a window in the lower right corner where the lyrics will appear synchronized with the rhythm of the music. It should be noted that this extension only works with Google Chrome and, obviously, with the Spotify web player.

computerized lyrics spotify songs

What other method to use to get lyrics on Spotify?

Another way to enjoy the lyrics of the songs found on this streaming platform is to use the Soundhound app, which works pretty well with Spotify, you can even create a list of the songs you want:

  • You have to first download the Soundhound app, which is completely free and available for both Android and iOS.
  • Then you need to scroll to the application settings and go to the Add playlist section.
  • Finally, you need to select the section from «Connect with Spotify ‘, log in and click Ok.
  • Once you have completed this procedure, you will be able to access all Spotify playlists from Soundhound. Also, as you play songs, you can add the ones you want to a playlist created by the app called Soundhound, while showing you the lyrics of the songs.

musixmatch spotify lyrics

Add lyrics with Musixmatch

If what you want is add song lyrics to Spotify with MusixMatch, you need to follow these steps:

  • First, you need to have the MusixMatch app installed on your mobile device.
  • Following this, you will need to open Spotify and access the settings.
  • Then locate and select the Device Streaming Status option.
  • Later, you need to access the MusixMatch app to sync with your Spotify account.
  • Once both apps are synced, you need to go back to Spotify and play any song.
  • When you play a song, a pop-up window will automatically appear above the song, allowing you to see the lyrics of the songs you are playing.