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Spotify How to use Spotify Web Player if you don’t succeed too much – Tutorial to fix it Despite its popularity, Spotify Web Player can be found in a …

Spotify How to use Spotify Web Player if you don't succeed too much - Tutorial to fix it Despite its popularity, Spotify Web Player can be found in a ...

Despite its popularity, Spotify Web Player can be found in a intermittent fault status for several reasons. This was when we were just starting to know about Spotify and I’m still around. But whether it’s due to internet issues, compatibility or errors in our browser, this is a good place to learn how to fix it.

What is the Spotify Web Player platform?

Spotify has several applications to play. This is from your mobile and desktop application to your web browser. In this case, its name specifies where we will use it and, that is, without digging deep, Spotify. In which we can use the service without the need to install the application previous.

This version is useful because it allows us to use the online service without having to install the application. From here we can listen to our playlist and other songs as you enter the user.

How this player in our browser, it will give us almost the same options and actions of applications. Well, we can listen for free our uninterrupted music from sailingR from our computer.

What actions can be taken within the Spotify web portal?

This streaming version of the Spotify platform is not focused on the proper functioning of the application. Then has the following functions which we can act on. We will first provide the options offered by the free version of the web player.

spotify web player

  • Search, as in mobile and desktop applications, the web application will allow us to enter search options for songs, artists or albums.
  • Access to our library, playlist and latest songs played. In the same way, we can see the data and the profile photo.
  • Create, modify and save the songs and playlist to our library. In the same way we can follow new artists, posts and playlists. For this reason, it is important to know how to create a playlist in spotify before using this feature.
  • In the start section we can enter the options menu, going through our configurations and custom material.
  • We can access the content playback function that we will find at the bottom of the browser.
  • Using Spotify Radio, is that from these we can create our own station with music or personal playlist.

Now, if you are a user or you have one Premium account, you can perform the following actions in Web Player, in addition to the ones I’ve already mentioned:

  • Download music, videos, and other files from Spotify
  • Skip advertising and ads.

How do I access Spotify Web Player from my computer?

  1. We locate our favorite browser on our computer and access it. (Later you will see web browsers compatible with Spotify Web Player)
  2. We enter the site of the spotify platform.
  3. Once inside, we go to the menu button on the top right. Select Connect being in the drop-down menu.
  4. We enter our user or, otherwise, through Facebook or Google. Here we also find the option to register for those who do not have a Spotify account.
  5. Being already in our user, we can select the option Open web player.

Here we only need to consider supported browsers to avoid problems with Spotify Web Player. We can enter from the following web browsers, either from our computer or from our smart device:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera House
  • Mozilla Firefox

compatible browsers spotify web player

In addition, we must consider that the web version of Spotify is extremely identical to that of the programs. Once in the web player, we can enter our playlists and listen to the music we want. But we must keep in mind that we need to update our browsers to avoid problems with them.

Why doesn’t Spotify Web Player work on my computer?

There are no specific errors other than connection issues or compatibility of the platform with our browser or equipment. But in the same way, users who use Spotify Web Player they expressed a large number of defects.

However, cookie errors, connection errors, DNS issues and incompatibility with some browsers. This usually causes playback errors when listening to our favorite music.

How can I troubleshoot Spotify Web Player?

Playback issues on the Spotify web platform can be solved in a few steps. But for this we will have to follow a few simple steps through our browser or desktop computer. In addition to what we will talk about later, we can open the player from a unknown window. Use another web browser as a way to detect errors with your current browser.

Enable protected content

One of the errors we can find when entering the Spotify player, with protected content. And we have to do it when it comes. «Playback of protected content is not enabled”. We will only need to enable it in our favorite browser.

In Google Chrome:

  1. We enter the Google Chrome browser
  2. Enter or type the following URL «Chrome: // settings / content»
  3. An options window will appear, locate the «Permissions» option
  4. Click on «Protected content»
  5. Here we will enable the «Allow websites to reproduce protected content» option. Then we click on «Allow identifiers for protected content»
  6. We reload the Spotify page and voila, we can enjoy the web player.

In the case of Firefox:

  1. We enter our Mozilla Firefox browser
  2. We enter the Spotify page
  3. Locate the address bar and click on the protection area on the left. This is represented by the symbol of a padlock that we will click.
  4. Click the «Disable blocking this site» button

Clear cache

This simple method tends to work very well for pages with running problems. Clearing the browser cache we use is a good idea to fix Spotify issues. It’s also important to know that we can clear Spotify’s cache to free up space.

clear the broom clean cache

  1. We enter our preferred web browser which is in the compatibility list
  2. We enter its configuration menu and the history section or from there. Depending on the browser, we place the option to delete the browsing data.
  3. Check or select the Cache option
  4. We mark the time interval, everything before what we had
  5. We click on delete

Disable DNS

In the case of the DNS cache, we can simply delete or empty it, leaving it disabled. This we will do it from the command menu from our computer in a simple way.

disable the dns cmd window

  1. Let’s go to the search menu and enter the CMD and select the first one. Or, otherwise, press the «Windows + R» key And later we write CMD and accept.
  2. Once inside, we will write the next command Ipconfig / flushdns and we will press the Enter key.
  3. We return to the Spotify web player page and check if it worked

Restart the device

We just need to close all the programs we use to avoid rescue issues. Enter the menu and select the option or the stop button. Here check the restart option and the electronic device will restart automatically. Once this process is complete, we will enter our browser and Spotify page again.

Create a new account

In rare cases, the issue is in our Spotify user account. Therefore, it will be a good idea to create a new Spotify account to check if this is the reason or the reason. We enter the Spotify page and in the menu area we can get the registration option.

spotify creates a new account

We click on it and it will send us to a page with the registration options for the new Spotify account. Selected from Facebook or Google or the email option we prefer. We offer you to register and then we will use that user to enter the Spotify player website.