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Spotify How to share Spotify music on Facebook – Complete setup guide Sharing Spotify music on Facebook is a relatively new quality. …

Spotify How to share Spotify music on Facebook - Complete setup guide Sharing Spotify music on Facebook is a relatively new quality.  ...

Sharing music from Spotify to Facebook is a relatively new quality. For this reason, you need to learn as soon as possible how to do this procedure in order to have the music you listen to and what you share on Facebook.

In this way, stories or publications acquire a different style from a simple publication. In addition, the link to the Spotify playlist is shared if enabled. So you can share the music you like with your Facebook contacts and what you usually listen to. Therefore, here you will be instructed on how to share music between these two services.

What does it take to be able to play Spotify music on Facebook?

First, you need to open a Spotify account, sign in, or recover your Spotify password if you’ve lost it. Likewise, you have to log in to your account Facebook to have both operational sessions. Then you need to have a song or music that you want to share selected or located.

Furthermore, The Spotify account must be set up so that music can be shared on other social networks. There are not many requirements that must be met to do this. Because it’s a simple feature that Spotify offers for both Facebook and other messaging services.

How should I set up Spotify to share music on Facebook?

Spotify offers the opportunity to make the settings yourself in each person’s account. In other words, everyone decides who they want to share their music with on a playlist or whether they want to transfer it to a social network.

To do this Spotify in its settings activate various options to be able to send or share songs anywhere. Therefore, to enable or disable this option you need to access where the settings are made. These can be obtained where you write preferences.

There there are several boxes for various social networks which can be found active or inactive. Because we want to share music on Facebook, we need to look for the box that has the Facebook logo. Then, we continue to activate this option by moving the scroll button. From there, it’s fully configured to share music on the social network Facebook.

What is the procedure for sharing my Spotify music on my Facebook stories?

You don’t have to be a great expert in Spotify management to be able to share music from this platform on Facebook. Because you just need to follow a few simple steps to complete the music sending operation.

Many people do not know how to share Spotify music on their Facebook account. But the reality is that this it is a simple tool just like setting Spotify as your phone’s alarm tone. For this reason, we will describe how this procedure is performed both on a mobile phone with Android system and in one that is from the iPhone brand.

share music on spotify facebook

From the Android mobile app

When you continue to share Spotify music for any of the Facebook apps on Android you must first open both accounts. That is, you need to make sure that your Facebook account is open in the app. Although later there is an option to open in case it is inactive. What is the connection or disconnection of the Spotify account to that of Facebook.

Then you have to search for the song or music video that you want to share in a Facebook story. Then, when we have selected which song will be shared, we will continue to touch the three vertical points of the application. This generates a menu in which we have to press the option that indicates sharing.

Another menu will open with various categories, but this time asking identify which service you want to share music with. Because you can not only share music on Facebook, but also on Instagram, WhatsApp and other messaging services. On this occasion, you must choose the Facebook application that will take us directly to the application of this social network.

Then you have to set up the story to be shared on Facebook with the background music. Then click share and the music sharing procedure is complete. You should know that music can also be shared between these two networks through a link generated by Spotify or through a code. However, these options are more for posts and not for Facebook stories.

spotify music on facebook

With the iPhone app

On the other hand, when it comes to the application that iPhone phones generally use, the process does not vary much. Because initially we need to check if we have both accounts open in the two applications. After that, in the same way you must go to Spotify and look for the best song, tone, sound or background to add to the story.

After that, this time we will do it look for the three points as well. But in these types of phones this icon is in a horizontal position, ie the points will not be down, but are on the side. By clicking on this described button, a menu with various options appears.

In this we will do click share to be able to transport music from one application to another. In the same way, all the services you have installed on your phone will appear as a sharing option. Therefore, we must choose Facebook, because it is the place where we want to share music. Then, all the elements that the story will have on Facebook must be added and at the end it is shared.

Is it possible to share Spotify music on Facebook from your computer?

Using Spotify on your computer also gives you the ability to share music on the Facebook social network. The only difference is that in this part we will not use a mobile application, but rather the Spotify website is used.

share music on facebook

To share music or sound on Facebook, we need to keep finding the perfect song in the playlist. If you can’t find the song, you should know that Spotify sometimes removes some songs from playlists. Then you have to locate the icon or symbol that has the three ellipsis. Later, in the list that is displayed, we will click where it says share.

Since there are no apps connected here, all you have to do is copy the link generated by Spotify and then paste it on Facebook. Another option is to ask Spotify to provide an embed code to share music.