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Spotify How to set up Google alarm with Spotify songs – Step by Step As we know, Spotify is a platform based on providing multimedia services, …

Spotify How to set up Google alarm with Spotify songs - Step by Step As we know, Spotify is a platform based on providing multimedia services, ...

As we know, Spotify is a platform based on providing multimedia services, allowing users to stream music as well as search playlists.

This way, we can search for any kind of music we like or want to listen to digitally at any given time, as well as various podcasts. Similarly, we can customize your Google alarm with songs from Spotify.

It doesn’t matter if we have the free version of the streaming service mentioned, we can customize the Google alarm. However, it is possible set up our account to a Premium one, but in this case, we should pay for it, in the same way we can place a profile picture in our account, we can make changes to our playlists and other functions.

Should I update Google Clock before setting up?

Although it is true that Google Clock is an application that is based on alarm functions and watch around the world. Similarly, it has a stopwatch and, of course, a timer. In some cases, mobile phones may already contain this application, but in others, we can download it through the Play Store.

So an update is needed? The truth is that no, we can make the necessary configuration there is no need to do this process. In the same way, we can do it easily and quickly, if we want.

Does the Google alarm work with Spotify Free or Premium?

When we set our alarm, it depends on our tastes, we may want the sound on waking to be subtle and not so loud. Therefore, many users of this streaming platform, when using the Google Clock application, they want to place or customize their own favorite music to use that alarm.

Spotify has two versions for users, the free plan and the Premium plan, it is pertinent to know that to enjoy Google Clock by integrating Spotify music in both ways.

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Although these plans have their notable differences, we can still use many of their functions, such as editing the playlist; and others, being able to do so, more use was generated within the platform because not all users have or I can pay for the Premium version.

Does Google Clock only support Spotify playlists?

The answer is very simple, when we are in the Google Clock application and we want to choose the music we want to use; Either to play it or to use it as an alarm tone, we can’t choose or choose only the music we played recently. If not in the same way, we can search for any band we want or the morning playlist that was previously selected by the Spotify platform.

How does the Google alarm work with Spotify?

The alarm works very efficiently, when you configure or customize it, we will be sure that it will sound at the exact moment we placed it; and in the same way, with the song I chose earlier. That, although we know, in this case it would be from Spotify, or any other platform, such as YouTube Music, which is also used by some Google Clock users.

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What are the steps to set Spotify music as a Google alarm?

If we already have the app on our mobile device, then we move on to the necessary setup so that your favorite song or playlist to be used during alarm in Google Clock, correctly follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, you have to enter «alarm» to start configuration.
  2. After that, we are located at the bottom of the screen, where we see an icon with the symbol «+», we click there.
  3. Then we will be presented with an icon of a «bell», which we have to press, here we will do select our custom alarm tone or our favorite song.
  4. In the same panel, the «Spotify» option should be displayed, if not, we are located at the top of the screen and we will see «three dots», we click on them and Select the «show Spotify» option.
  5. So click «Spotify» and search for the playlist or song you want.
  6. Finally, we click on «set as alarm tone» and it will immediately be placed, this way we will have our Google Clock alarm set based on Spotify quickly and easily.