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Spotify How to set Spotify as an alarm clock – Tutorial for Android and iPhone Spotify is one of the cutting-edge applications …

Spotify How to set Spotify as an alarm clock - Tutorial for Android and iPhone Spotify is one of the cutting-edge applications ...

Spotify is one of the leading applications in the streaming music market, it has a very generous catalog and a unique facility to browse the application, If you’re bored with your cell phone’s typical alarm ringtones and want to select music in the Spotify app to get your day off to the best start, this is your post.

What are the benefits of waking up to our favorite music?

Music can be our main ally, because it stimulates our pleasure center, regulates motivation and desire, which makes us repeat behaviors that are beneficial for ourselves and, at the same time, produce a super relaxing feeling. Listening to music every morning immediately after waking up can make our day much more enjoyable and easier to deal with., this practice leads to a mental release which, if used well, can be a path to emotional well-being, stimulates our knowledge so much that it can help us with our learning, can strengthen our social ties, can increase our creativity and can optimally manage stress.

How can I customize the alarm sound on a mobile phone?

Finally we will use the clock application which is integrated by default in the mobile phone. What varies are the steps to follow depending on the operating system you have installed.

On Android

  • Access the Clock app on your device AndroidIf you can’t find it, you can go to the app’s search engine and type in acronyms.
  • Once in the application, go to the alarms section.
  • After setting your preferred time, mark the bell symbol, there you will see the different tone options
  • If you prefer something more personalized, select the option choose ringtone from file manager
  • Then find the folder where you saved your favorite song and mark it
  • Once the song is selected, check the «Done» option and continue saving to complete the setup.

the benefits of spotify

On the iPhone

In iPhone, the protocol is a bit simpler, let’s see:

Why do I need to set a Spotify song as an alarm tone?

First of all, you need to have the updated software version on your mobile phone in order to make the most of all its features. We will use the «Clock» application pre-installed by default and the Spotify application, after making sure of this requirement, we proceed to connect both applications.

If you have an iPhone, you need an app called Spotify music converterWith this application you can download your favorite songs and convert them to the format compatible with your iPhone, it should be noted that it is a computer application, so you need to transfer the recently converted files to your mobile phone.

What is the procedure to set a Spotify song as an alarm tone?

After checking that we have updated our software, the latest version of the «Clock» application and after connecting this application with that of Spotify, we can move on to setting our favorite alarm clock tone.

  • Open the clock application and select the alarm tab
  • Create a new alarm by clicking the button with the symbol (+)
  • Set the time you want to wake up, then the days it will ring, the relevant labels and settings
  • Once the basic setup is complete, search for the sound section and select the Spotify option that is just to the right of the bell-shaped icon.
  • Click this tab and a new screen will appear where you can see the various songs related to your user profile or listened to recently
  • You can also search for the song you like, once you’ve decided which song to select, you need to check it
  • Then select the «Done» option and save all settings

After going through these simple steps, you’re done! It’s so easy to set a Spotify song as an alarm clock.