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Spotify How to Remove AutoPlay in Spotify – Complete Guide AutoPlaying Songs Can Be Very Useful in …

Spotify How to Remove AutoPlay in Spotify - Complete Guide AutoPlaying Songs Can Be Very Useful in ...

Automatic song playback It can be very useful in Spotify when you finish your account playlist. However, there are some users who are bothered by the fact that songs continue to play as their playlist ends. how to remove Spotify autoplay to avoid inconvenience. Besides the fact that he knows what he can generate in the mobile data that the application keeps calling.

Why is it important to turn off Spotify autoplay?

Autoplay is a method that has Spotify enabled, so the user doesn’t miss listening to music. Since lplaylists always end, it doesn’t matter how many songs you have on the list. So when you create a playlist and listen to it in its entirety, Spotify introduces and plays songs in suggestion mode for you to add.

Prevent yourself from consuming data

When we listen to songs and music on the computer there is no problem with auto play. Unless you start singing songs that are not to your liking or musical taste.

Now, when you use a phone or any other mobile device, you can have excessive mobile data costs. In this sense, Spotify is an application that requires the Internet to play songs. So, if you do not have a network connection, you must have data to continue using it.

remove autoplay from spotify playlist

So if you listen to the playlist for a long time or let the phone ring thinking that the songs will end later, you can spend a lot of data. Because, the application will not stop at any time, but will continue to search for music to play.

Therefore, Spotify will consume data for each song listened to and for usage time. So you can take the risk fully spend such data and run out of internet connections.

How do I turn off Spotify autoplay on the desktop?

There are several ways to do this autoplay is no longer active and continue playing random songs. There are also several ways to share Spotify music on Facebook. So, we will explore these options to eliminate this option with different procedures.

The Windows tool

One of the methods we can easily get with the Windows desktop tool. Therefore, you must first open that tool to start adjusting the changes. Then, when we enter the Spotify application, we will find the main screen or tab.

In it you can see a lot of tools among which you can find to set Spotify as the tone for the alarm clock. But the most important thing that happens is the songs.


The setup part is the section after which you need to enter to disable autoplay on computers. For this you must first locate where Spotify displays the name account name.

settings to eliminate auto play

Next to this name there will always be a down arrow you need to tap to display options. Again, many options will be seen after you enter where the configuration is written. One of these options will be to disconnect your Spotify account from Facebook so that they are no longer connected to each other.

Auto play

Among the background options in the configuration area is one called AutoPlay. This part enables or disables auto play.

In general, users do not view this tool as bad as it isIt helps when you run out of songs. It’s also a way to find new music you’ve never heard before. And even to find other songs you couldn’t find.

However, if you are determined that you do not want playback automation to be enabled in autoplay, you must log in. There or button in active state Check the option to automatically play similar songs. So, just tap that button to turn off the option.

After disabling the option there is no more automatic playback. So, every time the Playlist ends, you have to start over or look for other songs to listen to manually.

How else can I remove Spotify autoplay?

Another way to eliminate auto play in this song app is by using the phone. Although it can be done on other mobile devices that support the Spotify application. If not, on these devices you need to enter the official domain of the Spotify platform through the search engine.

tutorial to delete spotify list from mobile


It is necessary to say that this music application is available and downloadable on all devices. So, both iPhone and Android brand must follow this procedure. Thus, you must first enter the application or on the platform by the browser.

In it, you will find yourself on the main screen along with several songs, in addition to a number of categories. You must navigate to the song library to initiate deactivation. So it must press the nut or gear displayed as a configuration symbol.


There you can also see the section named Auto play for auto play. If anyone enters this part, they will find a slider that will be active at that time. So you just have to move it to the other side to disable the option.

check the playback data consumption

That way, you won’t be surprised to find it songs that are not in your playlist When it ends So you need to add more songs before you start playing again.


In tablets this process tIt can also be done following the same method above when using the mobile application. But if the Tablet can’t count on the app, you need to do the computer procedure

There are other ways Spotify can save data when playing songs. In this sense, you can use the data saving mode to spend less money when listening to songs. Similarly, heThe reproduction quality can be changed so there is less consumption of mobile data. Of course, you can always use Spotify Lite for less powerful devices.