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Spotify How to put your artists in «Favorites» Spotify – Simple tutorial Putting artists in the Favorites section is a procedure …

Spotify How to put your artists in "Favorites" Spotify - Simple tutorial Putting artists in the Favorites section is a procedure ...

Put artists in the Favorites section it is a common procedure among Spotify users. Since everyone wants to keep their favorite songs so they can get them and listen to them again easily.

Therefore, we will see how to put artists in favorites and how to find them later. In addition, we will explain the Wrapped function and how to see which were the most listened songs or artists on Spotify.

How do you create a playlist on Spotify?

Perform the procedure to create a playlist or playlist in Spotify it’s pretty simple and common. You also have the convenience of doing it from the device you feel most identified with. Because, in addition to the portal or web platform, this company has created a mobile application that is portable.

So, before we add artists or songs to Spotify favorites, let’s look at the procedures for creating Playlists. This way you can do everything at once, so that it becomes much simpler and you can quickly listen to your favorite songs.

Mobile device or tablet

On a mobile device, creating playlists or playlists is not the same as creating a computer. In this regard, there are things that can’t be done on a tablet or phone than a computer is allowed. However, these are things that do not affect the playlist as such.

guide to place my favorite singers on spotify

Because, what is not allowed is the box to add the description in addition to the space to put a photo. You need to go to the Spotify library to create the playlist.

In this section, the playlist option is the button that allows you to create a playlist. A box automatically appears name the new list. After that, a set of songs, tones and music appear as suggestions to add to the list.

To be able to present them, as always the three dots are the button to display the options. Of these, it’s the one to add the song you need to play, remember that you can also mix and create your own music as a DJ.

On a computer

On the other hand, on computers we have to enter the web portal of the Spotify platform. On the opposite side of our screens from our personal Spotify account we need to look for the option called Playlist.

When you open this section, a new one appears in which you must continue to create the playlist. In this process it is easy to see that there are many more categories than the previous procedure. Because in addition to creating a name for the list, you can also put a description of it.

In the same vein, a small box will be available to upload a photo. This image It is used as a coating or inlay of the playlist that is created to give it a more personal identity.

organizes the list of favorite songs on spotify

To finish, you need to save the data, and the list is created automatically so that you are ready to start add songs and music.

What songs should you mark?

Songs that should appear in the favorites list are the ones you listened to the most during the year. This depends on the personal tastes of each Spotify user, and the app saves those tastes.

In this regard, Spotify always stores data the moments when you access or listen to a song, the artist and the genre. Then, at the end of the year, all this data appears in your account in the form of stories. This way, Spotify is the one that marks which were your favorite songs, because these are the ones you repeated the most.

How do I find out who my most played artist in the app is?

To find out which artist you listened to the most you have to wait until the end of the year. Because this is where Spotify counts the data generated by each account created.

In this sense, during the holidays you will see that it appears the option called Spotify Wrapped. Which is the tool provided by the company, so you can see everything you’ve done on Spotify. Therefore, you will not only see the most played artist, but also your favorite song, genre or podcast.

What uses does Spotify Wrapped have?

Just as YouTube is back, Spotify is telling the story of the music year. However, this platform it does it in a personalized way for each user, showing them what their favorite songs were. So do the genres you listen to the most or your favorite artist.

wrapped songs

With all this data, Spotify also creates a playlist with the songs you entered most in your account.. That is, the ones that the algorithm of this platform considers the best and preferred.

At this option or categoryI called it Spotify Wrapped which has evolved over time. Since this had to be searched online before, it now appears as an option in mobile app accounts.

You need to keep in mind that this is only done at the end of a year, so you can’t always access it. In this regard, in the library part the category you listened to appears as a question. Which generates a series of stories similar to those on Instagram with the number and the result obtained by your account. This data as well as the songs can be shared on WhatsApp.

Where in the Spotify library can I see what I saved in Favorites?

If we talk about being watched or favored in terms of the reactions I like, these we can find them in the main library. If it’s not because you’ve added a song or album to a playlist, you’ll need to search for it.

On the other hand, if we talk about the general number that Spotify does annually it also appears in the library. But this time in the new section I mentioned earlier, which will only be seen at the end of the year.

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In general, all favorites appear in the library on the main page or in a playlist. Therefore, you should pay special attention to where you save your data and songs on this platform.

What do I do if I don’t see my saves on Spotify? – The solution to a common error

If you can’t see the things you save to Spotify, it’s because your app has an error. In this case, you need to do an update the same to be able to recover all that data. Do this in the virtual phone store or by searching the app on the web.

In the same way, you could do a cleanup of the application or browser data. What we mean is clear cache of these tools so that it can work better. This is done in the phone settings from the applications.

That’s where you have to look Spotify application and give clear cache. If it is on a computer, it is done in the browser settings to delete cookies.