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Spotify How to get free Spotify Premium 3 months without complications Spotify is a digital platform that allows millions of users …

Spotify How to get free Spotify Premium 3 months without complications Spotify is a digital platform that allows millions of users ...

Spotify is a digital platform that allows millions of users around the world to access music content. Spotify offers free services, but offers the Premium version to enjoy better service. The Premium version, without hesitation, is the one preferred by users. Enable play the song without an internet connection, unlimited access abroad, no ads and more.

This platform is being launched free trial of the individual Premium version for 3 monthsTo do this, the user must go to the Spotify website and click «Start Free Trial» and select PayPal as the payment method.

How to create a Spotify Premium Family account?

Creating a family Spotify Premium account is quick, easy, and secure. It allows the user’s family members to listen to various music at a lower cost, to take the music content to any destination, to skip unlimited songs and much more. All you have to do to create your account is sign in to Spotify or register if your user doesn’t have an account. Then you need to make a Premium invitation to family members.

Finally, members of the household must accept the invitation. It is important that they are in the same location to confirm the address.

This is how Spotify Premium University works

University students can enjoy this service by receiving many benefits. Premium version for students offers its services at a lower cost, and users can cancel whenever they want.


To subscribe to this service, you must meet certain requirements, including being over 18 years of age and enrolled in an accredited higher education center.

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Students will have access to their Premium university account for 4 years. If the user gives up studies or graduates in a period of less than 4 years, they will be able to enjoy the service for a maximum of 12 months. After the expiration of the established time, for non-compliance with the requirements, the user will have the Premium Individual plan.

Here are some features of Spotify Kids

And the little ones in the house can enjoy of this service and its benefits. This window is available in the Spotify Premium Family plan. With this account, children can listen to selected content according to their age, enjoy music all day and explore thousands of songs, alone or accompanied by their representatives.

An important feature of Spotify Kids is that parents control the content that their children enjoy. They can select and alternate content that is fun for young and old.

How do I create a playlist on Spotify?

Having a playlist or a playlist is a very important task, especially if the user intends to perform various activities, such as traveling, training and even cooking. Creating a playlist is pretty easy from PC or mobile. To create the list on your computer, the user must click on the «New List» button, a window will appear in which you can enter data such as the name of the list, a short description and even a cover image.

Finally, click the «Create» button to save the changes. To add songs, the three-point icon is selected next to the song name, choose «Add to playlists» and save to the desired playlist.

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If you want to add more songs to the playlist, you need to repeat the process with all the songs you want. To do this from the mobile application, the user must log in in the «Library», located in the lower menu. A window with a list of options will be displayed, you need to select «Playlist» and press the «Create New List» button, located at the top right of the screen.

Unlike the computer version, it will only be possible to name the playlist, finally you have to click «Create» and select the songs you want to add. Spotify in its interest to make users feel at ease, offers song-based suggestions added to playlist.