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Spotify How to clear the cache of Spotify in Windows 10 – Quick guide Clear the cache of applications that are in …

Spotify How to clear the cache of Spotify in Windows 10 - Quick guide Clear the cache of applications that are in ...

Clear the cache of applications that are always in storage-friendly devices. Because, by this procedure, the said device improves the operation in a substantial way. For these reasons we will see how to clear Spotify cache in Windows 10. In addition to knowing the path to follow on Mac computers.

What’s the use of keeping the Spotify cache on my computer?

Caching can be somewhat annoying because it inflates the space that applications consume in memory. Because, you must clear the cache devices so that they work better.

However, sometimes it is good keep cache in some applications. This is due to the fact that the mentioned memory fulfills certain functions for the benefit of a better functioning of the application on your phone or computer.

In this sense, the cache that accumulates in Spotify serves so that the songs reproduce better. Because, in this memory, the application saves the songs or at least parts of them to play them later smoothly and fluently.

The same way, when downloading songs from Spotify the cache also stores these songs. The reason you do this is to be able to play them when you don’t have a connection. One action that fills a lot of cache is to transfer YouTube playlists to Spotify, because more music is added to the app.

So if you constantly clear your cache, then you can’t do this process anymore. So one recommendation that should be followed is at least keep a gig of free space so that the application fills up without affecting the device function in this case a Windows 10 device.

How do I clear my Mac’s cache?

You also need to clear your cache on a Mac computer to create and free up storage space. Because also these types of devices you suffer a reduction in speed and in operation when there is little space left.

However, remember that this memory can save the songs you like and the ones you play the most. Therefore, you should not do the removal or cleaning very often. All you have to do is follow a path or, alternatively, search for it so that you can clear your cache.

Clear the cache from the Spotify library

You need to go to the Spotify app library at find all stored data. This is not difficult to find, you just need to open the folders that we will mention in the path below.

The link or route you need to follow consists of the following entries. /Users/USERNAME/Library/Caches/com.spotify.client/Storage/. Therefore, you just need to enter the user and then go into the bookstores.

Windows cache folders

There, it is necessary look for the folder that writes cache and there is memory for all applications. But, as the one that interests or in this case refers to Spotify, because here you have to enter. Once you’ve entered the last folder, you need to delete all of its contents to clear the app.

Clear the cache of local files

In the local files you can also find the Spotify cache. Therefore, you just need to enter them and continue delete all data stored by this musical instrument.

Many users find that deleting the Spotify account or uninstalling the app also clears the cache. This is totally false, because the devices are either mobile or computers keep the files with all the information.

In these cases, in addition to uninstalling or deleting the account, you should also clear the cache. Well, only then the device frees the memory and there is no trace of the activity that was done in the mentioned application.

This way you can clear the temporary memory for Windows 10

On the other hand, in Windows 10 you need to look for other folders to find the cache. However, the procedure is not very different from the above for Mac computers.

What is really changing is the name or address of a folder or two folders, nothing difficult. So, let’s see how to clear the cache on computers running Windows 10.

cache clears route

One option you can consider is to use Spotify’s virtual platform, which is the website. From this page, in return for the Spotify application does not fill up much storage memory. Because it does not have a folder as such, what swells is the browser’s memory, but in small quantities.

Open the file explorer

You must first open the browsing file, which is the bar where the names of the applications are written. For this you need to locate window start button and press it. The menu is displayed there and below is the bar where you need to copy the address or route to follow.

Enter «C: Users * USERNAME * AppData Local Spotify Storage»

This is the path or route you need to follow to find out where you are the cache in Windows 10. As you can see, these are pretty much the same folders or entries that appeared in the previous link, except for a few of them.

When you enter this route into your computer and it takes you to your destination, you will see all the information that Spotify has downloaded. In this regard, there will be files that contains music and lyrics which you have downloaded. Just like the music you listen to the most on this platform.

Delete that folder

In this part, we need to delete all the information corresponding to the Spotify cache. You can do this one by one, selecting all the files or delete the entire file.

clear cache button

Similarly, if you want to keep some of these files because you have identified some songs, you can do so. In this case, what happens is that the memory folder is not empty cache, but space is freed by deleting the other missing files.