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Spotify How to change your Android profile photo on Spotify? | Quick Guide Spotify has now become a music streaming platform …

Spotify How to change your Android profile photo on Spotify?  |  Quick Guide Spotify has now become a music streaming platform ...

Spotify has now become the music streaming platform most used on both mobile devices and computers or any team. However, rival companies such as Apple and Google have introduced other services to compete with this platform. All this without any answer, because Spotify is the most used platform in the world.

In this regard, Spotify has introduced several relevant changes related to customizing the user profile. Since previously, each person can change your profile picture by logging in via Facebook. But with these changes in its functionality, they made it independent.

You can no longer just change your username if you want to know how to change your profile picture on your Android phone from Spotify. This article is for you, because we will teach you the step-by-step procedure.

Why is this new feature relevant to changing our profile picture?

Putting a profile picture on Spotify is simple, the problem is when we want to change it. This new feature introduced by Spotify allows users to change their profile picture in the application. AND without the need to be connected to Facebook to do this, which gave the platform independence. However, we explain in more detail.

It is now a separate feature from Facebook

Previously when a user wanted change your Spotify account profile picture must be connected to Facebook. But now, thanks to this new feature, users can make the change directly from the application. Which gave the platform independent functionality, meaning it no longer depends on Facebook. And if a person wants to change their profile picture, they will only have to enter the application to do so. This allows you to keep a different photo than Facebook.

illustration of the phone with the spotify application

How do I change my Spotify profile picture?

One of the ways you can change your Spotify account profile picture It’s via cell phone. To do this, just follow the steps below.

Enter the Spotify app

First of all you have to download the Spotify app on the mobile phone. Once you have done this, you need to enter using your username and password.

Access the wheel icon

Once you’ve logged in to Spotify, you need to go to the home part, which appears with the house icon at the bottom. Later, you will see a wheel icon, you need to select it.

Select «Profile View»

Here you can see several options, you need to select the option that says «view profile», this is the first to appear on the list.

Click ‘Edit Profile’

Once in your Spotify profile, you need to go to «Edit profile», an icon will appear with the option to «Change your profile picture» select it.

Go to «Change photo» and select one from the gallery

Once you select the «Change profile photo» option, you need to choose the photo you want to place in your profile. To do this, go to your gallery and select the photo you like best and save.

What can I do if my modified profile picture still doesn’t appear?

Many users have not been able to change their photo, even those who have downloaded Spotify Lite, following the steps I indicated above. If you are one of them, You do not need to worry, we will present you some solutions to achieve.

Wait for the changes to take effect

After performing this procedure, you must wait for your action to be performed without any problems. And if it persists, you can try repeatedly until your issue is resolved.

Disconnect and reconnect your Facebook account

Another option you can do if you can’t change your profile picture on Spotify. It is log out of your Facebook account and reconnect, so you can solve your problem with your profile picture.

Change your profile picture again

When you have completed all the above steps, do not change your profile picture. You must make the same instructions again

  1. Log in to your Spotify account
  2. Select the option to change the photo
  3. And finally, choose the image you want to use in your account profile.