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Spotify How to change Spotify songs with the keyboard – Complete Guide Spotify is considered an account where you can spend much more …

Spotify How to change Spotify songs with the keyboard - Complete Guide Spotify is considered an account where you can spend much more ...

Spotify is considered an account where you can spend much more time listening to the music of your choice and also offers you Spotify Premium, which must be canceled first for use, as it expands a wide range, not only of songs, but from videos and podcasts, which will allow you to listen to music without interrupting advertising.

Spotify also gives you the ability to simplify the management of this account by giving you tips on how you can take other options to make it even more useful across its platform, indicating what we would call shortcuts for good use.

So you can get the most out of it by learning to use these shortcuts using the keyboard on either Windows or Mac, and therefore voice shortcuts that you can synchronize on the platform, through Siri, Google Home and with the Alexa device.

In this way, you will control better your Spotify account And you can get the most out of it by knowing that Spotify has a streaming channel and allows the network to run seamlessly. That’s why we show you how to control or manage Spotify with the most used keyboard shortcuts; This way, you won’t have to make a lot of mouse movements, just using a perfect key combination.

Where can I find keyboard shortcuts on Spotify?

With Spotify keyboard shortcuts, you’ll spend a lot more time listening to your favorite music than pausing each time you click on any icon. Although there are apps that don’t support shortcuts, there are options in Spotify that allow you to find them.

One of these options is to have a widget that has several shortcuts; to control the app without entering it and immediately from the home screen, just by pressing once, so the application called ShortcutifyHere you will be offered some options and on Spotify you will see the instructions below.

Enter the link provided by the application and start from the site Spotify Developers, then say you want to create a new application, there you will see that I ask for your username or password and secret password.

In the Shortcutify instructions you will find a link that you need to buy and paste in the redirect URL, you must paste these keys into your identification. and sign in to create shortcuts that control Spotify. These shortcuts are also available for Windows and Mac etc.

spotify logo shortcuts

What are the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts to manage Spotify?

On the windows

To use keyboard shortcuts in Windows you need follow the instructions below, using only the keyboard:

  1. You need to set a playlist: Control + N.
  2. To reduce usage: Control + X.
  3. You will need to copy: Control + C.
  4. Later copy: Control + Alt + C.
  5. Stick: Control + V.
  6. Remove: delete.
  7. You choose everything: Control + A.
  8. If you play or go to pause a song use the space bar.
  9. When repeating the song, use: Control + R.
  10. For shuffle play, control: Control + S.
  11. If you decide the next song, apply: Control + right arrow.
  12. If you want previous song: Click Control + Left Arrow.
  13. To increase the volume: press: Control + Up Arrow.
  14. Similarly to reduce the volume: do it with: Control + down arrow.
  15. To place in silence: you will need to select: Control + Shift + down arrow.
  16. And to find the maximum volume you need to use: Control + Shift + up arrow.
  17. If I go to filter songs press: Control + F.
  18. To choose the search bar you will have to choose: Control + L.
  19. At the entrance you have to press: Alt + Left arrow.
  20. If you are about to advance or continue, you will use: Alt + right arrow.
  21. If you want help, you have to go and press: F1.
  22. To play the selected series, press «Enter».
  23. But to go to the favorites, use: Control + P.
  24. At the end of the active session you must use: Control + shif + W.
  25. If you want to exit, press: Alt + F4.

Windows keyboard shortcuts or spotify paths

On the Mac

This platform will help you switch while working or playing and at the same time you can control Spotify on Mac, following these steps:

  • The first create a playlist using: Command + N.
  • Then to reduce usage: Command + X.
  • To copy you must use: Command + C.
  • If you are going to copy one Alternative link click: Command + Alt + C.
  • When you want to paste, use: Command + V.
  • If your decision is andlimit you must access: Delete, Backspac.
  • When it comes to choosing everything, press: Command + A.
  • When pausing or playing a song, do so via the «Spacebar».
  • And when it comes to repeating a song, get it by pressing: Command + R.
  • When you make a random game use: Command + 5.
  • To go to the next song you will have to press: Control + Command + right arrow.

keyboard shortcuts

  • If you want search for the previous song you will use: Control + Command + left arrow.
  • If it is about increasing the volume, do it by: Command + up arrow.
  • And to reduce the volume, press: Command + down arrow.
  • When you want to silence, you have to mark: Command + Shift + down arrow.
  • Increase the volume to the maximum touch: Command + Shift + Up Arrow.
  • If you need help continuing to use: Command + Shift +?
  • When choosing the search bar you have to click on: Command + Alt + F.
  • If you plan to filter songs, use: Command + F.
  • To return, use: Command + Alt + left arrow.
  • When you continue, you must do it using: Command + Alt + right arrow.
  • If you want to play the series you have chosen, use: Enter.
  • But go to a favorite song you must mark: Order.
  • When you want to hide the window, use: Command + H.
  • If you are hiding windows from other applications, press: Command + Alt + H.
  • When closing the window, press: Command + W.
  • If you want to minimize the windows, press: Command + M.
  • To restore them you must use: Command + Alt + 1.
  • When you are finished and want to log out, press: Command + Shift + W.
  • You must press: Command + Q if you want to go out.

tricks on Mac about keyboard shortcuts

The most common access commands or used are «Control + C» which is for copying and «Control + V» which is for gluing, which for some reason many people tend to stop working and I think it has no solution when in fact the commands can be repaired copy and sticks.

What are Spotify management shortcut extensions?

We can too uses shortcuts with extensions which will facilitate the procedure even more, this will be done through the Spotify website, these extensions will be known as the quick keys of the Spotify Web player.

If you use Google Chrome, Spotify, keyboard shortcuts with Mozilla browser that can be downloaded for free. Of course, these extensions have useful shortcuts to play or pause the song, control the volume or go to the next one or go back to the song, but the most surprising thing is that you can customize your favorite cuts.

We do this on the extensions page and use the option «Keyboard shortcuts», go to the installed extension and we can see the functions that will be attached to keyboard shortcuts.

In each function we will have the opportunity to use the keyboard we want to configure, this will be done automatically and thus will be accessible for check the player Spotify Web from any browser tab.

play a song on spotify using the keyboard

Can you manage Spotify with voice shortcuts?

Just as we can perform short actions with shortcuts in Spotify via computer, virtual assistants using voice commands are much more effective and surprising:

With Google Home

To get started it is necessary connect your Google Home device in our Spotify account and then use and activate the voice command and say «Ok Google» which must be activated using our voice, so we will start the following actions:

  1. To request a song or an artist you have to pronounce: ´Pon´.
  2. If you like play music of some kind of activity or genre: ´Put on music.
  3. When playing a musical genre or something at random, say the words, «Play at random.»
  4. When you want to pause online playback, you should say, «Pause.»
  5. When you restart online playback, say: «Resume, keep playing»
  6. If the option is for playback, you should say, «For music.»
  7. When you want to know the name of the song or the name of the artist singing at that moment, you will ask the questions: “What song is being played? Which artist is playing? ´.
  8. If the action is to match the volume, you should say, «Set the volume to 10%.»
  9. And to play music on a device, mention: «Put music on Spotify» in what you want.

With Siri

To manage Spotify with voice shortcuts in Siri, you need to know that Apple devices that are compatible with Siri voice commands to Spotify with IPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 13 or higher. This wizard’s voice should start with «Hey Siri» and end with the word «Spotify», giving them to understand that it’s a command and, at the same time, do it with Spotify and not another platform. musical line.

shortcut voice siri

For this you must first know how set up and activate «Hey Siri» on the device to be successful in using it. You can even change, transform or customize Siri’s voice. Siri allows us to play songs, specific playlists, artists, moderate the volume, select albums, check the type of genres you are listening to, etc.

With Alexa devices

Devices must always be connected to your Spotify account, this assistant who belongs to Amazon It is also very useful when taking shortcuts using Spotify with voice commands. You need to be clear that those devices that fit or match Spotify are: Amazon Echo Dot, Facebook Portal / Portal + Amazon Firestick and Amazon Echo.

By structuring in Alexa Swedish platform as a predisposed breederYou don’t have to complete the Spotify commands, this can be done in the Alexa app by going to the top left menu and tapping «settings» and then in «Music» choose «Select default music service».

We click on Spotify to finish saving the changes made, so Alexa with our order, will directly reproduce the content we want, songs by name, artists, list of popular, successful, fashionable songs, etc. and controls online playback and volume.