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Spotify How to change Spotify language to Spanish – Complete step-by-step guide Changing the Spotify language is required when the application or …

Spotify How to change Spotify language to Spanish - Complete step-by-step guide Changing the Spotify language is required when the application or ...

Changing the Spotify language is required when the application or browser comes in another language. Although most of the words we find in this type of program or network are common and understandable, it is always more comfortable to thave our mother tongue as an established framework.

Given these situations, we will explain how to change Spotify language. Performing this process on different devices in addition to the languages ​​we can place in our account.

How many languages ​​does Spotify have and how can I see them all?

There are a large number of languages ​​to choose from to set up your Spotify account. In 2020, there were up to 26 languages ​​on this platform, but gradually more were added. This is the point they saw over 36 new languages ​​on Spotify.

how to set language in spotify

In this regard, there are about 52 languages ​​and languages which are currently available. Obviously, the most popular languages ​​will appear as English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Czech, Greek, Chinese or Arabic.

However, there are languages ​​from the farthest places on the planet. Because languages ​​like e appear in the listl Hindi, Latvian, Nepali, Persian, Telugu, Urdu or Zulu, which are less known to Westerners. So you can choose any language you want, because you can easily find it in the language options of Spotify.

How to change the Spanish language of Spotify Web?

Generally, when you download the app or access the Spotify web portal, it adapts to the country you are in. Because the IP address of the device you are using shows where you are accessing. Therefore, when you log in, it should already be in Spanish if you are logging in from Spain or Latin America.

However, there are times when this change is not made and you need to adjust and change the Spotify language. This can happen because you have an active VPN or through certain settings of the device you are using, but no need to worry. For example, if you have Spotify in English, which is the default language, it doesn’t stop you from creating a playlist to listen to music.

From Google Chrome

First, in a Google browser, we need to search the web Spotify and enter this page. An option appears next to the part where the name that was chosen as your username appears. This is input to Spotify settings and here we must enter.

tutorial to read in the spotify dashboard in another language

The configuration options will come out so you can choose where to enter, one of them is changing the language. If it is in English you can get it as a language change, all the languages ​​in which we have to choose Spanish are displayed. Finally, save the changes is where you need to tap and Spotify changes the language.

With Firefox

Another way is to change the language of the browser itself, as is the case with the Mozilla Firefox browser. Where to click on the horizontal bars found in the tools in the form of bars, also at the top of the browser.

In the options, you need to look below one that indicates the look and language or vice versa, then you need to enter more submenus. Among them, the typography and the colors and within it, appears the one that interests, the language.

Next, you need to tap search for multiple languages ​​and then go to a box with many language options. Then you have to choose the language in which we want you to read our applications, in this case Spanish. To finish, you need to choose add, then ok and as a last step to apply and restart. This way, you can now use Spotify in Spanish and put artists and songs in favorites.

What should I do to put Spotify in Spanish from the app?

It’s a little different to do this procedure for applications found on mobile devices. Given that this application does not have the same features than the desktop version. In this sense, do not bother looking for the language change button here, because it does not exist. In these cases, all you have to do is change the language in your device, as you do in your browser.

shortcut to change the language in spotify according to our preference

Therefore, this is done in the configuration section from each specific phone that Spotify users own.

On mobile

It should be noted that every phone is different and it all depends on the brand and type of mobile phone you have. In other words, the following procedure may or may not work for your cell phone type. Because you’re in the settings, you can take the opportunity to clear your phone’s cache and Spotify so that the app works better.

In settings or configurations, you need to look for the system area, as the languages ​​are generally located there. If you see this section, you need to enter this area for later enter the language and region. So Spanish is the language in which you have to put your phone to change all applications, including Spotify.

With the tablet

As for the tablets, change the Spotify language to Spanish does not require many changes. Therefore, you must also search for the settings and search for the language and region there. On some tablets the tongue is connected to the keyboard therefore, you can also check in this part to test if the category is there.

Once you’ve selected a language, don’t forget to save the changes to completely change the phone’s language.