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Spotify How do I see the QR code of a song on Spotify? Step by step In the content we will present below one of them …

Spotify How do I see the QR code of a song on Spotify?  Step by step In the content we will present below one of them ...

In the content we will present below, one of these services, as it is Spotify which has these two qualities of being paid and free, but with certain limitations.

It is a function that allows us with your application to reproduce streaming music, This is because you will be allowed to listen to the content without having to download it and through this high distribution you will have access to Spotify.

You will not only hear songs, but also videos and podcasts, of course, if you want to improve this service, you can create a Spotify Premium account or cancel it, but keep in mind that this will allow you a higher level of quality, such as the collection of music without advertising interruption.

Spotify can be used on your device, such as your phone, tablet, computer, and TV, if you can download this app from your TV or Smart TV, etc. as you read it.

Spotify finger song

How do I find song codes on Spotify?

Spotify in its new role forms a unique code and an album cover code for each of the songs, as well as for each artist and playlist, just scan the codes with the camera in the search bar on the Spotify app to play the songs immediately.

To find the codes You need to access the button with the three dots on the right side of the screen, while playing a song, you will see a playlist or an artist.

Then stop scans a code You need to access the search bar, tap the camera icon, and place the camera on a code on a phone, a printout, or a computer screen.

How can I share my friends’ songs?

With this wonderful platform, you will not only be able to listen to your music, but you will also be able to share your musical taste with other people and this makes it fun either through your mobile device, tablet or desktop application.

Mobile device and tablet

You need to scan the Spotify code to share songs with your friends as follows.

  1. Find where the magnifying glass is and press «Search».
  2. Click the search bar.
  3. Select the camera and press.
  4. Find «Scan» and click.
  5. Then focus the camera on Spotify code.
  6. Please wait until the album, artist, and song open on the screen.
  7. By scanning a code, you will have the opportunity to listen to music and share songs with the same taste your friends.

friends share a song

Desktop application

  1. Play content by opening Spotify.
  2. Access the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose «Start the session».
  4. Invite your «Friends», share content or music in any of the messaging apps that appear.

How do you share a Spotify QR code with other users?

Spotify gives you share your codes with other users on the network, That’s why we offer you step by step to make it easier.

  1. You must first open Spotify.
  2. Then select the song, album, and artist you want to share.
  3. Click the icon to the right of the three dots.
  4. Click the option that writes «Action».
  5. Search for the Spotify code and a code will appear on the screen.
  6. You should wait for the user to scan the file mobile phone code.

Spotify code icon

How do I scan a Spotify code to listen to music?

To scan a Spotify code, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the bottom of navigation bar and click «Search», do it with the magnifying glass icon.
  2. Click the search bar where you put songs, podcasts, and artists.
  3. When it opens, we go to the camera icon that appears in the upper right.
  4. Click «Permission to access the camera and press the QR code, either on another person’s mobile screen or in a physical format.
  5. You also have the option «To select from your photos» to choose an image from the gallery, which will be useful if we want to scan Spotify, from our own screenshots or those sent to you and take QR photos with the phone’s camera app and that the quality is much better because the built-in Spotify scanner can fail because it doesn’t have Zoom.