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Spotify How do I know the Spotify plan contracted in my account? The plans and services offered by the Spotify platform are …

Spotify How do I know the Spotify plan contracted in my account?  The plans and services offered by the Spotify platform are ...

The plans and services offered by the Spotify platform are very good to have more features at a good price. So it’s always important know your Spotify account plan and all the details and qualities of the said plan.

For these reasons, here the whole operation of Spotify account statements. As well as information about payments and changes to the plan that can be made on this platform.

What is subscription status called and what does it have to do with my plan?

The subscription status is the information related to all Spotify accounts. This information is personalized because each person may have different payment plans. In this regard, in this part you will be able to cknows a specific balance of plans, subscription and billing or payments.

The relationship that this subscription status has with the plan is that this section shows the status of the plan. I mean, here you can see if the plan has expired, if the payment date and other details are approaching.

How do I enter my subscription status?

Enter the subscription status on Spotify it is very simple and can be done quite quickly. Similarly, this section can be accessed from any device, be it a phone, tablet or any computer.

Although if you do this process on a Windows 10 computer, It is recommended that you clear the Spotify cache as well as your browser. This is so that the application works properly and does not crash due to lack of memory space.

Enter your Spotify platform

First of all, it is essential to be on the Spotify platform. So you can enter from the web or use the mobile app that is downloaded from any online store. It is necessary to be inside the platform, because only from there you can see the status of the account.

log in to your account

Then you need to make the login details in your Spotify account. This is if you haven’t opened your previous account or logged out of Spotify. Which is very important to do so that other people do not spy and find out what kind of music or what songs you listen to.

Then you need to enter the data corresponding to the account you want to access and then press Enter. By doing so, you enter your personal account or Spotify profile from where you need it go to the menu where are the settings.

Scroll down to find the subscription status

When you get to the settings, you have to move the screen down to find it subscription status category. This will be in the middle of the options and is where you need to enter.

Family plan

Upon entering this area, it can be seen that there are several categories of where you can do some actions. Therefore, you can already see what the subscription status is and how the plan works.

What operations can I perform from the subscription status?

In the Subscription Status tab you can perform various operations. Well, that’s where you can find it all account status, payments and plans. So let’s take a closer look at what can be done in each of them.

Check your Spotify plan

In the plans section, you can find the deals on the Spotify platform do what. So there you will see the information about the cost of these plans and what are the characteristics of each.

For example, in terms of storage space or the number of songs in a playlist. In this part, it will come out the name of the plan which you use at the time of the examination. So you can see how much you pay and what you can use or have with that plan, you can also see the username you have on Spotify and other details.

Check the price of your subscription plan

If you don’t know how much you pay to use Spotify in your account statement, you can see it. This way, through review and verification you can know the specific amount that you need to cancel your monthly or yearly payment from this app.

Learn how to find your next billing date

In this section, it is also observable the deadline of his plan rather, on the billing date. This is a very useful option, because with it you can be sure when it is the limit of making payments.

change spotify plans

Everything to continue to have access to the Spotify account and not let them cut or delete the account. So you just have to look carefully option that says next billing or the expiration date of the plan.

You can change your Spotify plan at any time

If you’re not comfortable with the plan you’re using or having contracted with Spotify, you should know that you can change it. This option is enabled all the time, so you can change your plan at any time.

All you have to do is look at the options in the plans and then choose one of them. Finally, it is given button that allows you to contract this plan and then you need to follow the steps required by the application.

Update your payment information whenever you need it

Because you already know how to reach these categories of options, you can go back. This so that you can be up to date with your payment information or if any other new and exciting plan will be employed. It is also recommended update and verify all information to make sure this is correct.

What if I want to make changes, but I have a plan through a partner?

In cases of having plans through people working as partners, it’s a little more complicated make changes. You can access the appropriate information by following the steps mentioned at the top of this article.

spotify premium card plans

However, if you have a partner, to change the plan, you must agree so that there are no misunderstandings between people. So it is important to have a dialogue and to propose that you want or need to make a change of plans. And in this way he reaches an agreement, so that everyone can make the payments and everyone will be satisfied.