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Spotify How do I clear my cache and Spotify data? – Step by step tutorial Any application installed on a mobile phone, so …

Spotify How do I clear my cache and Spotify data?  - Step by step tutorial Any application installed on a mobile phone, so ...

Any application installed on a mobile phone generally tends to generate a certain amount of cache as the user uses the application. While it is true that cache has its advantages, it does not allow a large amount to accumulate neither for the device nor for storage.

So, in today’s opportunity, you will know everything you need to be able to clear the cache of all Android applications, including Spotify. In addition, we will explain how to get rid of the storage data of this application.

What is the use of clearing the cache on Spotify?

The process that we’ll explain later will help you delete all the space that the application is used to. maximize the speed at which you play music. That is, instead of waiting for the data to load for playback, as you listen to the same song, it will play faster.

The reason for this is because the same Spotify app takes part of your internal storage to save some of your most listened songs and music. In general, when we install Spotify, the same application limits the cache by 10% depending on the storage space that the device has available.

If you have changed this setting for some reason, you may start to have storage problems, and for this reason you need to clear your cache to claim the space used.

What steps should I take to clear Spotify cache?

The steps you need to follow will vary depending on the device you are using, as it is not the same to follow a series of steps when you have the application installed on Windows, but to have it in a computer with MacOs or Andriod. That is why we will explain the steps for each of these teams.

Clear the cache in Windows

steps to clear the spotify cache

You must locate the local application folder before you can manually clear the cache. To do this, you must:

  1. Select the down arrow symbol in the corner of the application
  2. Now go to Settings, then Advanced settings and from there, scroll down until you find the option Store songs offline. This will allow you to know the exact location where the cache is stored on your computer.
  3. Something you can do right now is click Change Location to have better control of folder where the Spotify cache is stored.
  4. Then, with File Explorer, you will go to exactly the address that the application gave you and from there, you will delete all the files that are considered the application cache.

Clear the cache on Android

The process of clearing the Spotify cache on Android is even easier than on your computer. To do this, you must:

  • Access system settings
  • Find the Storage or Applications option
  • Scroll to find the application icon and select it.
  • From there, it will give you the option to clear all data or clear only the cache.
  • Select the second option and wait for the deletion to complete

As a recommendation, we suggest you have one micro SD memory installed on your phone with enough capacity to install the app there and store all the data it generates. This way, your internal storage will not save any application data.

how to delete data from sppotify

Clear the cache on your iPhone

The steps to follow are:

  1. Open the application
  2. Then go to the wheel icon and from there go to the storage option
  3. In this option you will get all the information and / or storage configuration of the application. In the same way, you will notice what the exact amount is the storage space that Spotify takes up on the iPhone.
  4. Now look for the Clear cache option and finish confirming the action to continue with the operation.

Basically, the same procedure we explain for the three cases, you can implement it to be able to delete and clean the WhatsApp cache, regardless of whether it is an Android phone or iPhone.

What can I get out of my Spotify storage?

The only thing you will get is to delete all the information you have until then and return the application and your data in it, as it was at the beginning, ie the application will be as if you had not used -Never. When delete all data from Spotify, delete temporary files and any information you have entered.

How do I delete Spotify storage data?

The steps for deleting storage data are pretty much the same as the ones I mentioned for the case. Android and iPhone. The only difference in this case is that instead of clearing the cache, you need to delete the storage data if you want to leave the application as it was right after installation.

Furthermore, for more information, we can recommend that you do the same process every time you look for a solution to the «Err_cache_miss» error in Chrome. It is a simple alternative that can give you the solution you are looking for.

clear the spotify cache

What can I do to prevent Spotify from using up too much storage?

Something very simple that you can do is install the application on a micro SD memory, so that, when installed, the default configuration takes over 10% of it to store the appropriate information. Another thing you can do is manually clear your cache at least once a week or every 15 days.

And if this doesn’t seem like an option, opt for it install the application on a computer or laptop, because these computers tend to have a lot more storage space, not to mention that you have a better ease of interacting with the same platform.