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Spotify How can I secretly put my playlist in Spotify – Complete guide Putting my playlist in secret mode is a useful tool for …

Spotify How can I secretly put my playlist in Spotify - Complete guide Putting my playlist in secret mode is a useful tool for ...

Put the playlist in secret mode is a useful Spotify tool so as not to steal your songs. Well, this option allows you to hide your activity and not let anyone see that you have a completely new playlist. That’s in case you don’t want anyone to see what songs and kind of music you’re listening to.

For these reasons, it is exposed here how to put playlists in secret mode or remove them from the profile. In addition, we’ll see how the private session is activated and how you can find the songs you add to the playlist.

Can a Spotify playlist be hidden?

Anyone who is a Spotify user has the right to decide what songs are seen in his profile. I mean, it’s possible whether or not to display certain playlists and hide the ones you think are necessary. This way, you hide one or the other playlists so that other people can’t copy them.

playlist in incognito secret mode

First of all, let’s know how to add or delete playlists in your profile from your Spotify account. So, to get started, you need to enter your Spotify account on the official page.

Then on phones or tablets you should go to find the three dots, which will be vertical if you are using Mac or horizontal on Android. These points are above the list to be removed or added. After you hit the dots, then the options come out delete list or add to profile.

On the other hand, on computers, in order to access these options, you must right-click on the list name. Then they will appear add or remove the profile list. A little bigger than these options is also the best option, which is to make the playlist secret. Which allows us to hide this list from other people

How can I find my music playlists on Spotify?

To find playlists that have been created in a Spotify account profile, you need to search the library. Because this is the place or section that this platform determines for storing songs.

On phones, you need to look for this section in the drop-down menu found in the top bar. While in computers we can find it located on the left, either in a visible bar or in the drop-down menu.

how to have a secret mobile playlist

To add your favorite songs to your playlists, you need to touch the heart with the show that you like. It can also be done using the button to track the accounts of certain artists or the specific playlist.

You should know that liking an entire album is not necessary you gave to each song. To do this, you need to tap the dots next to the album and tap the option to like all your music. In podcasts, there is a framed «plus» symbol in a circle that serves as a button to add that sound to the playlist.

How do I choose the privacy of my playlists?

Spotify has two ways to set the privacy of an account profile, one is private and the other is public. In public, anyone can enter the profile and listen to the playlists that have been created. In addition to adding these lists or the songs it contains to your profile. This also happens in the opposite direction when you tap and follow someone on Spotify

While in private, only the profile owner has access to that playlist. So, let’s see how to change the privacy or start a private session on Spotify.

tutorial to have a mobile playlist in private session

Mobile and tablet

Private meetings they are something like the incognito mode from Google browsers. Well, it does not display or record everything that is done while this session is active. On tablets and mobile phones you need to access the main page of the account and there enter the settings. Next, you need to look for the tab that marks the social networks where you need to tap to activate the private session.

Then you can already make a list and listen to music without anyone seeing what you’re doing on Spotify. To close this session you can follow the same steps and instead of activating, deactivation will appear as an option. The session can also be closed on its own when there is no activity for a long time or when the application restarts in search of new content.

Computer and web player

On the other hand, to activate this session on computers, you must still be at the top of the page. There, in the options displayed the private session appears for the option to be chosen.

To know that this session is already active, in the image that serves as the profile photo shows a padlock Inside, you can manage Spotify in the same way as the public session, because it has all the features, for example, you can mix music like a DJ. Likewise, it closes automatically when there is no more activity in the session.

set up a playlist in secret mode

How do I add new lists to my profile by default?

When Spotify users go through the process of creating a playlist on this platform do not appear simultaneously in the profile. Therefore, they must be enabled, although there is a way to add them to the profile when they are created.

The application must be used on a computer because the mobile application does not have the option to do the procedure. However, when this change is made, it has an effect on the accounts used on the phone.

Then on the screen you need to look for one above down arrow which must be carried out. There, preferences is where you need to go and this leads to finding more categories. The next thing to do is go to social to find the last step.

Well, the options deactivation or activation occurs for subtitling makes public the new playlists. Upon activation, each time a new list is created, it will already be available to everyone.