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Spotify How can I remove Spotify Shuffle mode from iPhone? Easy tutorial Learning how to remove shuffle mode in Spotify is required if …

Spotify How can I remove Spotify Shuffle mode from iPhone?  Easy tutorial Learning how to remove shuffle mode in Spotify is required if ...

If you want, you need to learn how to remove the blending mode in Spotify keep order in playing music. Random mode is a function that helps in a different way of listening to music and not always in the same order.

However, sometimes we need the player to follow the specific order of the songs. Therefore, we will see how to remove Shuffle mode on Spotify on iPhone and similar devices. We’ll also see how this option is also activated if you don’t know how you got into this disorder.

How can I stop playing my music?

Disabling random playlists is as easy as activating them. Because you just have to locate the arrow button and deactivate it, it no longer exists, just a simple touch. Now let’s see how to locate the mentioned button on different types of Apple devices.

On your mobile or tablet

Random mode is very useful when you want to hear it all your music, but in a different way. Well, sometimes it’s a little boring when we already know in what order the songs will appear.

To remove random mode from a tablet or mobile, first enter the Spotify application. Then we locate the song that is playing that will be in a small bar downstairs.

remove mixed songs

To enter the Spotify player, once there, you will see that there are several buttons. Among them is the break, a little below you will see a kind of box consisting of three horizontal stripes and three vertical dots. But the most distinctive are the two intersecting the gray arrows.

This is the random button, which you have to press to deactivate this mode. By doing this, the music playback becomes normal and they start playing. sound in alphabetical order by the name of the songs.

On my computer

In turn, on the computer, the first thing to do is to enter the Spotify web portal. Then you need to log in to your account and then enter the app at the beginning. In this place you have to locate the Spotify library where playlists are saved.

In this before playing any song, at the top, next to the play button this random mode. This is the button that needs to be pressed in order to eliminate unordered playback of songs if this mode is active.

You can also use a little trick or a shortcut on your computer. Well, if you press control together with the letter S, Shuffle mode is completely turned off and you can listen to music normally.

Can I listen to shuffle music in any of your plans?

Listening to music on Spotify is as simple as recording on any social network. From this application works similarly to networks except that there is no chat to communicate with other people.

random iphone mode

In this regard, you can access a free account with basic Spotify recording. Although, if you want more features, there is always Spotify Premium.

Spotify for free

Spotify Free is the common one, with which you can get a free account and listen to music this way. You can download a mobile app or enter through the browser and make a registration as if it were a messaging service.

Spotify Premium

On the other hand, Spotify Premium are accounts that have access to other features and therefore to songs. However, this it is a paid service with a lot of flexibility in payment methods.

In either option you can listen to any type of music, just that Premium has several functions. Also, in both modes you can use the shuffle button or not to play music.

How do you sort Spotify music in shuffle mode?

Before you can put the playlist in shuffle mode to enjoy music in a different way, you must have created a playlist. Because the random function is only available in this type of playlists where the songs are stored. All these from the application in the library section.

After creating the list, you have to set it to sound starting with any song you prefer, it doesn’t matter in what position on the list is found.

random mode turns off the phone

At the bottom of the player, next to the pause button the music you listen to, you will find the way to mix.

This is easy to recognize, because the symbol that represents it is very distinctive for this utility. In this regard, two intersecting arrows the random button is mostly gray or green. By pressing this, the music will start playing without any order.

Another activation method can be found before entering the songs as such, in the library tab. At the top, under the songs and next to the game, there is a button marked as random plus the arrows described above. In this way, the songs also begin to be played in a specific order.

What if I can’t find the mix button on Spotify?

Random button is a feature of music players, not just from Spotify. Therefore, it is normal that it appears without any problem when you open the application and even on the web page.

disable random spotify computer mode

However, if you can’t find such a button, you should update the application. On the other hand, if you have enabled automatic playlist playback, in this case if the random button disappears. Because in automatic mode there is music in the queue that cannot be omitted.

So if you want to randomize your music, what you should do first is turn off automatic mode. So that neither of the two modes collides and you can listen to music quietly.