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Solution to the «Not mounted (invalid argument)» error on Samsung

error en moviles samsung

Today it is common to find a wide range of electronic devices on the market, mobile phones are on the rise. These new technologies offer everyone a variety of free and easy-to-use tools. Being adaptable to the user’s needs, they have become indispensable technologies, used by everyone.

Thanks to these new technologies, which are becoming more innovative every day, we can have a better lifestyle. As I allow keep distance communication, we can feel comfortable being away from loved ones.

It is also of great importance to point out that they have become excellent tools for many areas, especially in terms of health, one of which is for blood pressure. We find Smartphones with a wide variety of free, accessible and modifiable applications, both for healthcare professionals and patients.

Since applications that allow you to get acquainted with a medical center, intended especially for patients with social imbalance. So are the applications that offer therapeutic functions for the needs that the user requires in this case.

This allowed great advances in medicine and a pleasant, comfortable and safe doctor-patient relationship, also provided a solution, helping to diagnose many diseases, avoiding complications. From the above we can say then that these technologies have reached the first place in acquisitions around the world.

On the other hand, no less interesting, it is of great importance indicate the errors that may also occur on these smartphones. For example, errors in the configuration of the phone, when opening an application, problems using Android, among others. These and many other problems can be found on our smartphones and in all kinds of applications.

What is the TWRP error «Could not mount (invalid argument)»?

At one point, we certainly had some issues with our Smartphone, this can be uncomfortable if you don’t know how to fix it. For this reason, it is important to have detailed knowledge about possible errors that we can find on our smartphone.

TWRP has become the most used recovery of this moment, because it offers us various options, for example, it allows us to install new ROMs, to clean the system, to format the mobile phone, among many others.

This error is due to some unwanted file on our smartphone automatically blocks the use of sections. This prevents us from cleaning a file on our smartphone, and the use of other applications makes us feel uncomfortable.

Android acronym

Given all this, it is nice to know then that you have a solution to this problem easily, simply and at our fingertips.

What should I do to fix «TWRP mount error (invalid argument)» error?

Error «Could not mount (invalid argument)» controversial for many because it completely stops the development of TWRP. This can occur when you delete or clean some data due to an unwanted file that causes it to fail. Here are some very easy ways to fix the TWRP error «Could not mount (invalid argument)».

Among the «Delete» sections that may appear as «Installation / partition failed (invalid argument)«It’s System, Data and Cache, now to fix the error we will put it for example, as if the error was in» Faliled to mount / system (invalid argument) «.

When this error appears on the screen, we need to go to «Delete» and make a clip in the «Advanced Delete» option. Then we need to select the error partition (only one), which in this case we use as «System».

Then we have to go to Go to option «Repair or modify the file system«, Then under» Change file system «, here we choose the option to convert to FAT and drag the button, then convert to EXT4 and drag again.

So this way we can eliminate this error, but we have to do it with each partition that has an argument error, after that, we go back to «Delete», clean the desired section and it will be done successfully without errors.

mobile phone formatting

Finally, we can be sure use these innovative technologies comfortably ready for our needs. We also have the security to solve problems that may arise for free, easily and efficiently.