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Solution to Samsung’s «Unregistered on Network» error

Solution to Samsung's "Unregistered on Network" error

«It is not registered in the network»It is a message that appears with a certain regularity among Samsung users. Although there have been some cases of this error in LG or Sony. There are several causes that can cause it, such as problems with IMEI or incompatibilities with the operator. Below you will find the causes and how to fix this error.

Causes and How to Fix Unregistered Error

The message «Not registered in the network» implies that there is a problem with the SIM card or the operator. Possible causes for this message may be the following

  • Incompatibility with the operator: This problem may occur when the mobile phone is not free and a card from a different operator than the terminal is inserted. An incompatibility issue occurs that makes the smartphone inoperable. The solution would be to insert a SIM from the company that matches that of the terminal
  • IMEI code lock: IMEI is a specific, unique code for each mobile phone. It is a very useful code when it is necessary to release a terminal or when it is necessary to block it due to loss or theft. However, this block may also be due to the use of the terminal, in which case it is necessary to locate the IMEI, either in the mobile case or behind the terminal.
  • Damaged card and other problems: When none of the above causes the error, it may be due to a damaged SIM card or internal damage to the smartphone. In this case, steps must be taken to resolve the error.

What solutions are applicable to resolve the «Unregistered in network» error?

Depending on the cause, one solution or another will have to be applied. The most suitable are the following:

  • The first way to resolve the error is to turn off the terminal, remove the battery, reinsert it after a few seconds, and restart the phone. When you do this, check that your phone has the latest system update, and if not, update it
  • Another way to resolve this error is to check who the operator is, as it may be due to a configuration issue. To check it, go to Phone settings> Mobile networks> Network operators. Select the operator to connect your mobile phone
  • Another option is to check if it is not a Damage to the SIM card. If the problem is with the card or you think it may be the cause, you should request a duplicate. You only need to contact your operator to request this. You can test with another SIM card from the same carrier. This way you can check if it is really due to its damage
  • Finally, if you check that the cause is due to other issues beyond the operator or SIM and you. the phone may be damaged, the solution is to reset the terminal to factory settings. To do this, you need to back up your entire content. Then go there General Manager> Backup> Phone Reset / Factory Reset

As you will see, error «Not registered in the network»It is very common in Samsung. It is also, for example, the appearance of the message Downloading does not disable the target. In both cases, you need to apply the indicated solutions so that your phone works normally again.

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The Samsung phone models most affected by this error are Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6.

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