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Solution: «Netflix only shuts down when you open or play any content»

Solution: "Netflix only shuts down when you open or play any content"

If Netflix fails to open or play content, clearly does not work properly, But here, in this section, we will give you answers and solutions to these complications or failures presented by the most innovative universal streaming platform.

Globally, technology, society, market evolution and other innovative topics have made a process of changing the pace of life in all senses, and over the years new ways are invented or created to attract the largest number of users. to get their attention.

To show what I wrote, Netflix is ​​no exception; if we analyze all the material it offers We notice this for-profit company for users (movies, series and documentaries) that it is a very complete and recognized streaming company worldwide.

Although it is true, Netflix has become one of the most requested services worldwide and is preferred by a large number of people who love massive web entertainment. However, Netflix is ​​not one of the seven wonders of the world, so it has some flaws that can upset the user when using it.

What are the flaws that Netflix has?

As a first example, if when you open your Netflix account, it closes on its own it probably has to do with an update error made by the site itself. But you do not have to worry, here we will present some possible solutions so that the user does not have more interruptions.

It can also happen as the user yes, you can open your Netflix account, but that when you play any content, the application closes automatically, then it means that the device or application has an unexpected error.

netflix closes only when the player is opened

To solve this kind of inconvenience you need to take note or keep what we will then present in this useful information material for all Netflix users.

What solution does Netflix have to prevent it from closing when you open or play content?

The most common problem reported by Netflix customers is that the platform closes its window unexpectedly even when playing the material of interest, which is annoying for her, because she wastes a valuable moment of her time to reopen the application.

It is mainly recommended for the user to check whether internet connection is stable (either wifi, mobile data or Ethernet connection), so that the window does not stop, a mega good plan can be very helpful, so as not to disconnect.

Do not forget that Netflix can be viewed on different devices: Mobile phone, Smart TV, Tablet and others, but the vast majority have failures from mobile devices (mobile phone).

Considering the fact that you must have an optimized mobile device and with the available storage capacity so that no unexpected shutdown occurs, we proceed to uninstall and install the Netflix application correctly, leaving the latest installed version ready to use.

If the failure is presented from a computer, the user must check the Ethernet connection and, if necessary, perform a reset of the modem, router and even an IP reset, to rule out all sorts of problems. you have the device on settings of the same.

solution for when netflix closes only when it is opened

Now, if the device is a Smart TV and displays a series of errors or shutdowns of the Netflix window and returns to its common viewing channels, the most feasible is to apply a factory reset of the Smart TV and reconnect.

Netflix counts efficiently and smoothly

Most likely, you will not have any problems with the application after following these quick and easy steps, which will make Netflix a space of harmony and user pleasure.

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