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Solution: «My mobile or cell phone shuts down every time I open or start Facebook»

Solution: "My mobile or cell phone shuts down every time I open or start Facebook"

The problem that appears when a phone is turned off when starting Facebook it seems to be a mystery and very difficult to solve. Smartphones provide a means of communication that no other device can achieve. Besides, they can be a wonderful entertainment tool.

Social networks, provides an effective means of communicationTherefore, it is a window that allows interaction between users from anywhere in the world, such as: «Facebook», which has been available on the Internet for more than a decade. For these reasons, everyone uses «Facebook» from any device.

Why does my smartphone stop when I try to log in to Facebook?

The problem that arises when a phone is turned off when starting FacebookIt seems to be an enigma to those who are not technical. It is difficult to understand that a phone fails for no apparent reason and even more so when it has no apparent physical symptoms.

To resolve the issue that occurs when a phone shuts down when starting Facebook, you only need to investigate certain probabilities, which can cause a smartphone to shut down for no reason. One of the things that turns off your cell phone when you enter «Facebook» its battery may be damaged.

Symptoms of a faulty battery include frequent shutdown or restart of the phone, irregular fluctuating charging percentage, or insufficient charging.

solution my mobile stops when i open facebook

On the other hand, there are other reasons that cause the problem to arise when a phone is turned off when starting Facebook. One of them is that the phone has a very overloaded «RAM» and this happens when you use too many applications at the same time, so you have to close them before using «Facebook».

How can I download «Facebook» to my Android phone in a simple way?

The social network «Facebook» is probably the tool that has been more successful in registering users than any other social network and, not only in terms of user registration, but also in the large number of people who use it. To download «Facebook» on an Android device, you just need to follow a few simple steps, which obviously require the use of the Internet.

To download «Facebook», you must have the application downloaded and installed Google Play Store, will always be there when you need it, because in all «Android systems» it is preloaded. Once you’ve entered the «app», just go to the search bar and copy the word «Facebook».

Upon completion of the above, you must select the «Install» optionIt is recommended that you have a good internet connection, after the download is complete, you have to wait for the installation, but don’t worry, it will only take a few seconds.

Later, you need to access the application menu, locate it on «Facebook», select it and you’re done, you can start by logging in to your account or, if you don’t have one, you can create an account on the social network «Facebook», it all depends on you.

Can I use Facebook without a phone number?

The problem that arises cwhen a phone is turned off when starting Facebook, it can happen on some occasions and it may or may not be normal. On the other hand, many internet users frequently ask themselves if it is possible to have a «Facebook» account without a phone number, and the answer is a simple «Yes».

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Using «Facebook» is one of the most common things a person can do today, such as: «Create a Facebook account». However, this social network has taken some steps to protect its integrity as a serious company and to protect the integrity of its users, especially when it comes to security.

Facebook requires two requirements to choose from, when its users want to create an account, the first of which is have a real phone number or you have an email account.

These are the two ways that exist for create an account on the social network in question, but if you don’t have a phone number, it gives you the option to register a «Facebook» email account, if you don’t have one, you can create a «Gmail» email account or whatever.