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SOLUTION: Facebook review account ✅ 【2021】

SOLUTION: Facebook review account ✅ 【2021】

Facebook It is one of the most used social networks, we can ensure that it is the one with the largest number of active users and, at the same time, the number of accounts has increased considerably. In Facebook, accounts can be deactivated when the rules and policies of the application are violated, therefore, if the message appeared: «Account under review« here we will explain why it happened and how it can be easily solved.

The Facebook account is deactivated

When Facebook decides to disable, close, disable, or perform some sort of «suspension«What we need to do is find out the reasons for this, because it always or most of the time happens because some of the rules have been violated, such as discrimination, violence, bad words, etc.

To know the reason for closing the account Facebook And the specific reason for what you need to do is enter the email that is related to the account (with which you connect), open the email, search for all those related to Facebook and there you will find the one who will have the information you have need, where they will explain why and what you need to do to use the social network again.

My Facebook account has been suspended

Often, when closing an account, we have to wait until the deadline, because there are temporary closures or suspensions that should disappear with the passage of hours, days or weeks.

Generally, when you suspend a Facebook account, it is for 15 days, clearly depending on the violation, but the vast majority of them, when the estimated deadline is met, disappear immediately, being able to use the social network again.

Facebook profile under review

Therefore, if the message appeared: «REVIEW ACCOUNT«You just have to wait for the deadline to expire and be successful, because these are the rules and policies that Facebook has added to its social network, which are detailed rules and which in turn must be followed, otherwise different types of accounts have place suspensions, including permanent closure of the account.

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