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Social Networks How to delete my Hi5 account – Tutorial for unsubscribing from the platform As it is known, Hi5 is a social network that mainly targets …

Social Networks How to delete my Hi5 account - Tutorial for unsubscribing from the platform As it is known, Hi5 is a social network that mainly targets ...

As it is known, Hi5 is a social network aimed mainly at young people looking for meet other people, on this platform they have the opportunity to share photos and important personal information such as their age, city of origin and even their marital status.

However, Hi5 went down in history, after a tough competition with Facebook many years ago, the latter eventually overtook it and Hi5 users were moved to this app, which is by far one of the most used . Although with the purchase of the playhouse «Bis Six», the platform took a new turn and tried to reappear as a gaming platform, but he ended up failing the test.

What happened to my Hi5 account?

Hi5 was in its time an application with many users, since it had it wonderful featuresHowever, after the arrival of Facebook fell sharply. Hi5 accounts that are deleted will remain on this platform depending on how you decide, because in the process you will be taught a few warnings before making this decision, such as the photos you uploaded, messages and all the information stored in the profile will be deleted.

What will happen to your account when you delete it from Hi5 is that some or all of your information may remain on the servers, but you will not be able to access them. If you want to delete the information, you must send an email for assistance so that they can permanently delete your registration on this platform.

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Is it possible to update my profile today?

Currently, few people are interested in making changes to their profile on the official Hi5 page, but if you are one of them and together with this you want to return to this platform, I will tell you what it is. possible to do it as long as you remember the basic information, ie your email address and password.

How do I recover photos stored in my Hi5 account?

This social network is in oblivion, however, if you are one of the people who have used it, you are certainly curious or want to recover photos that you can only get in this application. If you delete your account, you do not have the option to fully recover the photos stored on that platform. But if you remember your password and username, you can download content you had before leaving Hi5.

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What is the procedure for deleting your Hi5 account?

To delete your Hi5 account, the first thing you should do is enter the file Site Hi5 as you normally do and log in to your account.

Then you have to click the button «Invoice» which is at the top right of the screen. Then continue to select where it says «Cancel account». After performing the previous step, an option will appear indicating that you need to enter the address e-mail and password from your Hi5 account that you want to delete. After this step you have to press the button «Cancel my account.»

It should be noted that by deleting your Hi5 account you will get rid of emails and messages from other Hi5 users and when you want to return you will need to have a new email account, because with the old one you will not be able to record again. This way, you can delete and completely forget about your account on this social network.